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Mar 20, 2008 06:40 PM

Cambridge Common Is Closing [please read Moderator note, below]


Just heard that Cambridge Common and the rental car place next to it will be closing. Word is, they will be replaced by dorms.

This is a big loss for a lot of people, as the place really does fill a need (late-night dining, family-friendly place, entertainment downstairs at the Lizard Lounge, etc.).

I guess I'll need to go somewhere else for my tater tots fix...

  1. GUH! I am DEVASTATED! And to think: I sat outside at CC last summer watching construction crews move historic houses around to make room for god knows what. I should have known it was a sign of bad things to come.

    1. is this a rumor? or confirmed by the CC owner? noooooo! when?

      so sad.

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      1. re: taylor_blair

        This is not a rumor, unfortunately. Not sure when it will happen...if I hear more details soon, I'll post ASAP.

      2. I wonder why they are installing a new draft system right now if they are closing.

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        1. re: ponyboy

          Maybe they'll be moving and can take it with them?
          Updates appreciated, hidden-b.

          1. re: peregrine

            All I can say is, this came from a higher-up in Cambridge. Other than that, I don't have any details. I know a couple of people involved with the city council who would probably know more--might see one of them tomorrow, so maybe I'll have a bit more info then.

        2. It's a rumor people and a very bad one! The Cambridge Common / Lizard Lounge is not going anywhere! Lesley University owns the rental car building, right next door, and YES, they are closing soon, May I think, and YES two dorms are being built, right next to one another, with a lovely courtyard in-between, running up Wendell Street. I also understand there will be retail shops on the bottom floor, but can't confirm that piece of info. They will be our neighbors, and the beer will continue to flow.

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          1. re: shaylow

            Well, this is good news! My bad if this is indeed a rumor, but I'm pretty surprised that it is a rumor, based on the source. I guess I shouldn't listen to anyone anymore, no matter how high up they are!

          2. Please read this, also from HiddenBoston:

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