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Mar 20, 2008 06:23 PM

Best tasting dish EVER?!?!

Before my recent trip to the Orient, I have had the good fortune of eaten in over 87 Michelin star restaurants world wide plus a whole list of other renown establishments not yet mentioned in the little red book.

Therefore, imagine my surprise when I came across this simple but amazingly tasty dish, served up from the kitchen of a hole-in-the-wall place in Jordan, Kowloon, ( ' Cho Choi Gwoon ' - Corner of Nathan road and Jordan road ) that could easily be ranked amongst the top 2 or 3 yummiest dishes I have ever tasted!! This dish was just a simple "Wok stirred fry pig's inherds with ginger and scallions"! Every components were cooked perfectly reflecting the skill and timing of the chef. The liver and kidney were both crunchy on the outside and nicely rare on the inside. The heart, stomach and intestine were chewy but very tender. The sequence of adding the various components to the wok to achieve this degree of consistency must be timed to the split second. And then the sauce! Ah yes! The sauce! So delicious, it must be God's gift to us food loving foodies!! If it wasn't for the high cholesterol content of this dish, I could have continued eating it over and over again the entire evening!

Finally, if French Gourmands ( they are into inherds as well ) have a chance to taste this dish, for sure, tears of joy will appear in their eyes and Michelin inspectors will no doubt bestow a star to it. At only HK$40, it would also make it the 'cheapest' Michelin dish on earth!! Ha!

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  1. I had a similar dish at the Old Neptune noodle and congee place at Venetian Macau on this trip. This is a high end noodle/congee place, maybe due to its location within the premise of the casino, they were focusing and serving sharkfin/abalone noodle, sliced whelk congee rather than the usual char siew wanton noodle stuffs.

    Anyway, we ordered the Crispy turnip tender beef haslet ( ่˜ฟ่””็‰›ไป€), extremely high cholesterol content of all the internal organs of cow: beef intestine.....etc etc. The only healthy dish in the claypot was the radish. It was just an awesome dish, and like you, can't stop eating it for the evening. Not really my best tasting ever, but I sure enjoyed it.

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      The Chinese are so smart to include brisket, tendon, tripe to be cooked with daikon, as it supposedly helps combat or lower cholestrol levels, but overall helps to give a less "filling" feeling with cow bits so rich.

      I know exactly what you are talking about. I had it years ago in Hong Kong. Sooooooooooo good (especially the broth). Fooled me into thinking it was bone marrow.

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          Yup! Sorry, I didn't do a spell check!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I'd love to try this innards dish while I'm here in Hong Kong. What are my chances of locating the restaurant (I've been on that corner and I doubt I'll know which place it is), and finding the dish on the menu, given that I only speak English?