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Mar 20, 2008 05:54 PM

Restaurant Supply Store?

Hey, guys.

I'm looking for a good (read: well-stocked and inexpensive) restaurant supply store. I'm moving out of my parents house and into an apartment, so I need to stock up on high quality cookware at a good price.

Any suggestions? I live in the Northwest Suburbs right now and will be living in the Avondale/Belmont-Cragin area in a couple months.

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  1. lol, I'm answering my own question, but...I just found one that has some potential :) Just fifteen minutes from my house! So, I'll be checking it out tomorrow and will post here to let you all know how it went!

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    1. re: cowgirlthunder

      let us know how it turns out...tho from the website it looks like they are more into the heavy equipment than pots and pans.

    2. We were just discussing the same question earlier this week:

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