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Mar 20, 2008 05:50 PM

West Roxbury, Roslindale area

Rt1,JP, etc. Sat. night. Friends want Outback, Bugaboo Creek. They want steak. I just want some chow. Maybe a nice glass of wine. I suggested Vintage but they said too white tablecloth and I see it's closed anyway. Parking would be a plus. I remember having a good meal at a bar across the street from the projects on Washington St. Any ideas?

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  1. The bar you went to was problaly the Pleasant Cafe--old school (truly) with pizza, yes?

    You might try any number of places in Roslindale Sq--Sophia's Grotto, Birch Street Bistro, Delfino. I like to try one for a drink and move to another for dinner (although that's hard because it's so easy to end up liking the one and staying. All have great food great, with perhaps Delfino's at the top--but it may be hard to get seated there. Whereas BSS and SG are usually better in terms of a wait. Be warned, SG has "mocktails," so it's a better pick for dinner than drinks.

    Geoffrey's is there now, but I have yet to try it. Reports from others make it sound like it may be right up your alley.

    If you go to the square, go early and check out the wine shop and cheese shop.

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      Yes! Pleasant Cafe. . Geoffrey's looks great. I hope I get my way. TY

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        Went to Delfino last night was it was a nice experience. Seated right away at about 6:30 but by 7 there was a line. we had a caesar salad, linguine with rabe and shrimp and lobster ravioli (malfatti) with a cream sauce and 1 glass of wine. Everything was very good except the shrimp were a tad overdone. $62 for two including tip. Really like this neighborhood.

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          I love the pleasant pizza and veal/eggplant parm. You are right, it is like going back in time when you enter the pleasant cafe, not fine fine dining but the place has real character as well as great pizza.

          1. re: foodismyfun

            I have not been there in ages! Literally. I have to get back.

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              Went to Pleasant Cafe for the first time on Saturday. It is definitely a portal back to the sixties, including the prices. I had a substantial BLT and fries for $3.75. I tried to get fried clams (bellies) but they no longer do this for lunch due to the high cost.

            2. re: SeaSide Tomato

              Based on your recommendations I looked up those 4 places (Delfino, Sophia's, Birch Street and Geoffrey's). Delfino was closed on Mondays, so although that menu looked best we had to pass it over. Geoffrey's menu seemed a bit limited, as did BSB, so we opted for Sophia's. Well, after several horrible dining experiences over the past couple of weeks, Sophia's was a breath of fresh air! (Literally.... we sat outside). The food was AMAZING, the bill reasonable and we got a spot on the street right out front. We are definitely going back again. Thank you!

              1. re: misslorelle

                I'm so glad to hear it! I need to get over there soon myself.

            3. We have had several good experiences at Geoffrey's. Good food, not too expensive, good drinks.

              1. How about West On Centre, in W. Roxbury?

                1. Those were all great recs. I'm still pushing to go to Geoffrey's and Delfino's based on those ideas. Unfortunately the friends were set on Outback and my S.O. declined before I had a chance to say friends are more important than the setting. Then I was told that I take this chowhound thing too far. On a more positive note I had a fabulous meal at Rendevous on Fri. night.

                  1. West on Centre is pretty good and has a great bar with a fireplace. Another sweet little unsung place is the Spring Street Café near where Vintage used to be. Great food with reasonable prices. They have super breakfast food there also.