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Mar 20, 2008 05:36 PM

CSA (organic food delivery) in Richmond Hill area?

I've been reading about organic food delivery to your door and would really love to try this out. Anyone have any experiences they could share or suggestions of which one to go with? I've read about Wanigan and Green Earth Organics and both look great.


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  1. I've had Green Earth Organic delivering to me for about 2 years. I think overall, the cost of the produce is higher than if you bought it at a store but for me the convenience factor is major. I generally have to do quite a few subs to get the box I want but they're usually fairly flexible if you explain. The quality of the produce is sometimes uneven but I email them if I have a problem and they will either find a way to replace the item that wasn't good or give me credit for an extra item next time. I also really like the convenience factor (and environmental benefits) of ordering the jugs of milk which you return and they reuse. I'd say one of the problems with the system (I assume any such delivery system) is the delivery times, which tend to vary. Ideally it would show up within an hour of when I arrive home but that's rarely how it works. If it's 3 degrees or so outside, that's all fine to have it sitting here for several hours (or more) before I come home from work to put it away. But if it's summer and there's no one home to put the stuff away, then you can see the difficulty.

    I've also tried (once) Mama Earth. I'd go with them more often (because they have a smaller, cheaper smallest box compared to GEO) but they don't deliver milk (though they say they're planning on doing so one day soon--but they said that some time back) and as I said, I really like getting my milk delivered--and I love the use of the glass bottles (and not having to carry them back from the grocery store!).