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Mar 20, 2008 05:27 PM

Best of the UWS (a la RGB's best of LES tour)

RGB has a great tour for the lower east side (Russ & Daughters, Kossars, etc.). Does anyone have an equivalent tour for the Upper West Side? Obviously, there is Zabars, Grom, H&H, Barney Greengrass, but what else is out there that I'm missing? I'm forever indebted to RGB...

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  1. It's actually RGR and not RGB... but that said, I would add Levain Bakery on 74th and the Super taco truck on 96th (assuming this tour can encompass 20 blocks of deliciousness).

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      Oops... my bad. My spelling is not indicative of my appreciation for the person.

    2. Fairway and Citarella?

      1. Add Jacques Torres. And even Beard Papa, if you like that sort of thing.

        Agreed with adding Fairway and Citarella. DH loves the Super Taco truck!

        1. Start at Grandaisy bakery on 72nd and B'way and try the pizza bianca and whatever else might appeal. (Check out Grey's Papaya next door for hot dogs.)

          Walk a block up Amsterdam to Jacques Torres chocolates

          Head west to Broadway to check out Fairway and Citarella. Don’t miss Fairway upstairs for cooking equipment at very good prices with a very knowledgeable staff.

          Keep walking north on Broadway to Zabars, passing Grom, Beard Papa, and H&H on the way. Then over to Barney Greengrass at Amsterdam and 86th Street.

          Don’t know where specifcally—or when—about the Super Taco Truck; maybe someone else can add more info.

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            Do you mean Zabar's upstairs for cooking equipment? I love them. I thought Fairway upstairs was mostly organics, bulk, and vitamins/supplements. Plus the cafe of course.

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              Sorry. You're right. Brain not in gear with fingers. Zabar's upstaiars.

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                Hit Murray's Sturgeon (90th and Broadway) for any of their smoked fish or Barney Greengrass (Amsterdam and 86th St) whose lox, eggs and onions are amazing as well as their fish too!

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                  Magnolia Bakery at 69th and Columbus.

                  Soutine Bakery on W 70th between Broadway and Columbus (closer to Columbus)

                  Then on to Silver Moon Bakery at Broadway and 105th.


          2. The Super Taco Truck is at the SW corner of 96th and Broadway, all day on the weekends, after about 5 or 6 pm on weekdays. As a former Angeleno with (too) many tacos under my belt, I think it smells a lot better than it tastes, but it seems to have a lot of fans.

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              And now I'm going to say something inflammatory... Is this taco truck good by NYC standards or good by LA standards? I think LA is the benchmark for evaluating taco trucks.

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                Taqueria y Fonda on Amsterdam between 107 and 108 is the place for tacos.

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                  Where do you like to go for tacos in the city?