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Mar 20, 2008 05:21 PM

Sushi Taro on a Friday night?

Is it very busy, or I can just show up @ 7:00 and expect to be seated right away?

And I like sushi, but my friend is a newbie. Any menu suggestions?

thanks in advance.

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  1. You can expect a wait...I suggest calling ahead and making a reservation. I think they only take them up until 6:30 though.

    1. Expect a wait that extends down the stairs and possibly out the door @ 7:00pm on Friday. I doubt they would even have reservations at this point for Friday before 6:30. My suggestion would to take your sushi virgin friend to Uni or Thai Chef in Dupont for some really good sushi.

      1. only time I didn't have a wait was a Sunday, or be prepared to eat at the bar. even then there can be a wait.

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          We may go someplace else.

          Thanks everyone.

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            i walked in there once on a saturday night around 8 o clock. the line was out the door. We went to put our name in and the host told us a 2 hour wait. we said fine, figuring we would see how long we felt like waiting and leave if need be. the guy looked at us like we were crazy, he said " you are going to wait 2 hours!?" We promptly left and will never return. I thought he should have been flattered that we wanted to wait, but hey what do i know.

          2. re: hill food

            The reason there was no wait on Sunday was because it's closed that day.

            This place is truly one of the most overrated places I've ever been too. The food is generally good (I have had some mediocre sushi here) but it isn't mind blowing. You can definitely get sushi that tastes on par as this place at other sushi joints in the area. Plus, the service is often so bad. I don't get why this place has such a following...big deal if the Japanese men from the Embassy go here.

            **The only reason I've been here quite a few times is it's literally three minutes from my apt.

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              I thought it was sort of empty and the service non-existent now that I think of it.

              must of changed the hours since that visit...

              nice for the owners to be able to turn away customers is all I can say.

              I've posted before about Sakana on the other side of the circle on P. also gets jammed, but usu. a quick turnover for some good pieces.

              1. re: hill food

                I say stick to Uni or Thai Chef for a better atmosphere, quality and service than Sakana.

          3. We were big fans but recently went on a Friday night around 8:45pm and they had the closed sign out but people still in line. We asked to be put on the list and they said they weren't taking any more names. For some reason that was very off putting as I have never had that happen before anywhere. I think they should start taking reservations.. I am not sure we will go back.

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              Wow. I'm really amazed at how differently people react to things. I can't see being offended by either a look of amazement at a willingness to wait two hours for a table -- I'd sort of expect it actually -- because really, it is amazing. Maybe the host was genuinely shocked. You know...because nobody had ever done it before.

              And not being allowed to get on the list after the restaurant had put up the closed sign? Seems obvious to me. They closed. You can't get in after they close. What am I missing?

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                the line was OUT THE DOOR, what the hell should he care if i want to wait? I cant walk up the street and get a drink and comeback? I think there wasnt really a 2 hour wait he was just trying to discourage us from staying. If I owned a restaurant and someone wanted to wait 2 hours i would be very gracious that they think that highly of my establishment, not make them feel stupid for waiting. am i wrong in thinking this?

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                  I agree - my husband and I went to Sushi Taro almost every Friday night during the two years we lived in DC - always called and made a reservation the day before or the morning of. I was amazed at the really long lines down the stairs most Fridays, and the rude looks we'd get when we walked in and got our (reserved ahead) table. Seems to me it is courteous of them to not let people wait when they know they are not going to get to them before closing time. And couldn't figure out why people didn't just call and make a reservation.

                  Plus - they close at 10:30 - maybe they knew they couldn't turn enough tables to accomodate the two different posters who were turned away as mentioned above.

              2. I think you will enjoy Sushi Taro, but please make a reservation. If you want to sit on Tatami mats be sure to identify your seating preference. Their warm sake is breathtaking. But the service can be very slow, especially with a big group! Enjoy...Also, it has the longest sushi bar in DC.