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Mar 20, 2008 04:57 PM

Hot Cross Buns in Edmonton

Hi All!

I am going to *attempt* the making of hot cross buns for a brunch this easter weekend, however...

As a 'back up' plan, does anyone know of a really excellent bakery where I could acquire some? I don't want to resort to the save-on foods/safeway/iga brands. blech.

Happy Easter!

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  1. If you live on the northside, I would try the Portuguese Bakery on 118 Avenue and 53 Street. I remember the Christmas fruitbread as being great and hot cross buns very similar.

    1. I've seen them at Cobs in Riverbend. Haven't tried them, so can't comment on quality, but pretty much everything else there is good.

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        I have tried the chocolate hot cross buns at Cobb's they were really good! very moist. not too sweet, not too heavy. definitely a good choice. i have not had their regular hot cross buns though, as I am not a fan of them.

      2. In the past few weeks we have tried hot cross buns from many locations. This is what we found:
        Cobbs Bakery - The traditional buns were dry and contained only raisins with no other fruits. The chocolate chip hot cross buns were a novelty that were liked by our teenager but not something we wish to try. Overall, the buns were very expensive and not to our liking.
        Bon Ton - The buns are good, but for the price we didn't feel they were worth the expense.
        Portuguese Canadian Bakery - These buns were a big disappointment as they were doughy and contained very little fruit. They were small buns and, at 45 cents each, they were not cheap.
        Andy's IGA - These buns, at $2.99 for 12, were by far the best both in quality and price. They were always fresh and full of fruit. We are not big IGA bakery fans but these buns cannot be beat.

        1. Thanks for the help everyone!

          We did end up going to Cobbs. The buns were delicious! not at all dry and full of raisins and currants...quite traditional, as hot cross buns go.

          they were a hit with a discerning crowd!

          Next time...I really have to bake some myself though!!

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          1. re: Miss_Scarlett

            I have only made them once and am not sure they were worth the effort. I have found a breadmachine fruit breat recipe that is.

          2. I only just saw this now, sorry. Nancy at The Tree Stone Bakery on 99th Street was making some delicious ones during all of March for Easter. Maybe keep it in mind for next year.