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Mar 20, 2008 04:56 PM

LI Brewpubs

Going out to the Island from NJ heading toward Riverhead stopping in Rockville Center. Looking for ideas to get good brew and food and decent wine somewhere on the way. Any and all ideas will be appreciated. Even a good beer bar with local micros would be more than fine.

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  1. In Rockville Centre you will find Croxley Ales, One of the only choices on the island for a wide selection of microbrews. In Bayshore there is TJ Finleys. In Patchogue there is Brickhouse Brewery, who is the father of the guy who runs Keegan Ales out of Kingston NY. Also in Patchogue you can go to Blue Point Brewery and get a free sampling of the beers that they make in their tasting room. Also in Patchogue there is a place calle Bobbique which i have not been to, I beleive they have a descent beer selection. Patchogue and Bayshore are far from the LIE, so i would say your best choice is Croxleys if you are going to be in rockville centre anyway.

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      Thanks....that's a cool suggestion.