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Mar 20, 2008 04:55 PM

Amazing Peruvian in Van Nuys

About a block or two from the federal Building on Van Nuys Blvd. is a new Peruvian restaurant called "Puro Sabor". Been there since Feb. according to the friendly owner. Lately, I've been on a Peruvian kick and have tried all the usual places: Mario's, Los Quenos, Los Balcones, etc. for a dish called Pescado Sudado. The Pescado Sudado at this new place is better than any of the other places I've tried. I have parking in the rear so you don't have to worry about the parking meter. Their Tallarin Saltado also looks good. Saw someone else having it.

Puro Sabor
6366 Van nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys
9AM to 9PM

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  1. Great to hear! Look forward to trying this place since it's so close.

    Another recommendation is Jose Antonios on Devonshire in Chatsworth. They have a nice mix of Peruvian and Chinese, the folks they are great and the lomo saltado is delish! Everything I have had there is good, and not too pricey, especially their lunch specials.

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    1. re: jpb

      Just found out today from a Peruvian friend that Puro Sabor is owned by the former cook over at Los Quenos. No wonder why their Pescado Sudado is so good. Los Quenos used to be my favorite place for that dish.

      1. re: Galen

        Today was my first visit to Puro Sabor. I ordered the Pescado Sudado Avocado Mojado Delicado Cuidado (which always draws a laugh). It was nicely seasoned, but I did add a lot of aji.

        The music being played added to the ambiance. All in all, I intend to return.

    2. Finally, since moving to LA in March, I found a GOOD Peruvian Restaurant. Only tried los Balcones in Hwood and Playa Blanca in El Segundo so far... but this was definitely the best, and not pricey. It feels like "at home" peruvian food. The ceviche was perfect, not to cooked and not too raw, good flavor, spicy and had Peruvian Corn and Maiz Chulpe ( the "popcorn"). The Huancaina sauce was perfect — probably made from scratch with frozen aji amarillo - not the one that comes in a jar and has preservatives, sugar and who knows what else...

      Papa rellena was good, causa could have been imporved with some avocado and corn. Great Chicha Morada and Jugo de Maracuya (Passion Fruit Juice) - and VERY TASTY Anticuchos de Corazon (Heart Skewers) with authentic Aji Panca seasioning.

      Will definitely come back, never go back to Los Balcones for sure....

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      1. re: huancaina

        My husband and I had lunch here recently, and were very pleased with our favorite sides, yucca and fried plantano frito. We ordered lomo saltado and aji de gallino (there are so many things to try, and they had a long list of specials up on the board that I will need their help to translate the next time). The lomo saltado was up to snuff, the chicken needed more of the aji IMHO, but we like things spicy. We didn't try any of the seafood, but the menu was very extensive. Out that way, I've only been to Fina Estampa and that was quite a while ago, which I thought was a little better than average (I did see the restaurant in a McBride episode a few weeks ago!)

        1. re: huancaina

          What is the name of this restaurant?

          1. re: renata47

            I think "huancaina" is talking about Puro Sabor as in the OP.

        2. Went to lunch at this really happy little restaurant on Friday - nice service and ambiance with unbelievably delicious food. Ordered the heart on skewers and it was just as good as in the little bar in Miraflores in Lima where we spent every afternoon sucking down pisco sours and ordering endless snacks. Ordered a milk/egg soup with rib eye slices and spaghetti plus potatoes/cheese, a tamale, passion fruit juice and of course lomo saltado. Best of all, we sat for over two hours undisturbed, chattting and being fed little treats by the owner - doughnuts in a sweet syrup (must have a better name than that). Mme ZoeZ very happy for the treat. This a lunch place due to the uncertain neighborhood after late afternoon.

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          1. re: ZoeZ

            The "doughnuts" are called Picarones, and they come with Chancaca syrup.

          2. My second visit was disappointing. I ordered the Pollo Al Vino which was supposed to have tomatoes, onions and undisclosed "vegetables." There were no tomatoes (other restaurants have found safe sources) and I was not told of their omission. I also could not detect any onions. I probably would not order a chicken dish tasting mostly of carrots and peas.

            The two biggest pieces of alleged chicken "meat" were unchewable chunks of joint. That was downright unpleasant.

            I think my third visit might take a while.

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            1. re: Dogbite Williams

              Hi Dogbite,

              A friend of mine once ordered Pollo Al Vino at Los Quenos and had the same experience. Back then the head cook at Los Qunos was or is the owner of Puro Sabor and that's how they make the dish sans tomotoes. There never are tomatoes in their Pollo Al Vino. It looked and tasted like a Chicken Pot Pie without the crust. Everything else at Puro Sabor is really good. Just stay away from their Pollo Al Vino. Mario's has good Pollo Al Vino.

              1. re: Galen

                Thanks, Galen. The menu description listed "tomatoes," so it was reasonable to expect them, especially with no disclaimer from the waitress.

                I will stay away from that dish forevermore.

            2. Does anyone know if this place has an alcohol license?
              Still looking for my cusquena negra :)

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                1. re: burumun

                  There is a liquor store on Victory 1 block east of VNB, where I buy a LARGE bottle of Corona and bring it to the restaurant, with their permission. Ceviche and beer, what a great combo. The ceviche here is the best I have had since I left Costa Rica 10 years ago.

                  1. re: burumun

                    I haven't been for about a few monthes now, but Kotosh at Kamiyama in Lomita did have Cusquena Negra. My bro-in-law from Singapore had two...