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Mar 20, 2008 04:41 PM

hush puppies

ok, any great hush puppies in town?

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  1. I don't know enough about hush puppies to say if they are great, but Smitty's Chicken and Fish on Venice/Overland has hush puppies.

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    1. re: NAspy

      Smitty's is actually a bit further east, on the south side of Venice on the west end of that strip mall with Del Taco at one end and Wendy's at the other, close to National where Washington cuts to Venice, just north of Miller Honda and Toyota.

      1. re: nosh

        smitty's is a block west of robertson on the south side of venice.

    2. Zeke's BBQ on Santa Monica at La Brea has them. Not bad.

      1. I used to love the ones at Golden Bird Chicken.

        1. Johnny Rebs' (several locations -- see: has very good hushpuppies (especially when they're hot) and other Southern favorites, including flavorful greens. I don't care for the ribs, but the catfish, chicken, and many other items are satisfying -- nothing as good as the hushpuppies, however.

          1. I like the ones at Mr. Cecil's, but I am by no means a hush puppies connoisseur.