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Mar 20, 2008 04:28 PM

fill in the blanks on Easter dinner PLEASE!

So from Friday at 10am until 2ish Easter Sunday, I am working around 30 hours. I will be beat. We are not in the lamb or game camp and I am not a huge fan of ham, in any form. Here is what I have so far:

turkey....yep, its getting brined Saturday evening.
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes with honey cinnamon butter
asparagus with toasted sesame seeds and lemon
loaves of honey oat bread I am bringing home from my restaurant
deviled eggs

I need a dessert...nothing insanely complicated like rolling out pastry and whatnot, my vote is for lemon something but I have a feeling the fam will shoot me down. I am about chocolate-d out already and I made a blackberry cobbler a week or so ago!

Any apps out there? The rules are no seafood, onions, peppers (bell), mushrooms or mayo.

Help Hounds!

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  1. For dessert do Easter nests.

    Get a roll of filo dough, unroll, remove the paper (or just remove the paper strips later), slice into strips, toss, shape into individual nests, sprinkle with melted butter and sugar, and bake until golden. Plate one a bed of creme anglais - you can even make this lemon flavored! (or melted ice cream if you are pressed for time), fill with whipped cream and top with berries.

    Parfaits - the ultimate easy dessert!

    Panna cotta - also very easy, how about a buttermilk panna cotta with berries, or caramel.

    1. Dessert - pick up a beautiful fruit tart. If you feel like you have to make something - lemon chiffon pie.

      Apps - deviled eggs & garlic cheese spread with breadsticks

      1. I think I would opt for a lighter dessert after what sound like a great, but pretty heavy meal. I would make a nice sorbet -- maybe mango or lemon - and serve with a chiffon cake. My mother's family is Russian and I've got a great poppyseed chiffon cake recipe from an aunt and it is so great, uniced with a light fruit sorbet or vanilla ice cream for the kids.

        I am old fashioned, so I love chiffon or angelfood cakes.

        1. There are some great lemon desserts made in kind of a meriangue shell crust. So they are both lemony and light because of the meriangue. That is sounding great to me with your menu and very springy.

            1. re: sarah galvin

              Second! Make shell ahead. Slice and macerate fruit. All you have to do is whip cream and assemble.