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Mar 20, 2008 03:52 PM

What goes in your picnic basket?

This is just one of those questions I am interested in hearing various people's varying answers on. What are the one or two food items that absolutely must be included in any picnic meal?

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  1. Absolute musts : 2 tasty cheese selections with snackable accoutremonts, typically a brie and a guyere and Sangria to festively wash it and whatever else down. I wish it was warm enough to go on a picnic right now!!!

    1. Good Bread! An absolute must. Say, crusty on the outside, the proper chew on the inside, like a perfect French baguette. If you have good bread in your pic-i-nic basket, you can get away with murder on the rest. The rest can be as simple ( meat and cheese) or as toney (lobster salad in home-made mayonaisse) as you wish. You still need the Good Bread. Lousy styrofoam-y supermarket squishy stuff just doesn't cut the mustard, let alone deserve being spread with it.

      Bread. Build from there.


      1. Model 1. Musubi, teriyaki chicken, Japanese style quick pickled vegetables

        Model 2. Good bread, cheese, German sausages

        Model 3. Sticky rice, laab, dried meat, Lao sausage, lots of greens

        Model 4. Different great sandwiches, pickles, potato salad

        All with appropriate wines

        1. The "main" stuff depends but we always have our picnic basket stocked(and ready to go) with the following-
          Salt and pepper
          Packets of Dukes mayo, Dijon mustard and spicy mustard
          Sharp knife and small cutting board
          A couple of garbage bags
          Cutlery, plates, plastic wine glasses, and napkins
          A tablecloth
          A couple of spreaders and some small tongs

          When we get home we wash up and restock.

          1. my favorite picnic treat is probably cold salmon, brined and smoked, with herbed cream cheese and melba toasts.