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Apr 29, 2002 10:17 PM

Outdoor Seafood Market

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Several years ago I ate an an outdoor seafood market in the LA area. They would steam a crab for you and loan you a hammer to crack it open. I don't recall the name, but would like to take my family there this summer. Any ideas?

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  1. Try the Redondo Beach Pier - great outdoor space with fish stalls around the perimeter - many different shell fish - even periwinkles - and crab and lobster that they will steam for you. Eat it on the tables outside with butcher paper all over as table cloths and leave the mess there. Last time we did that at our house I was finding bits of crab shell on the floor months later.

    1. There's the San Pedro Fish Market. There's a row of restaurants on the docks, which are easy to find basically at the south end of 110. The address is 1190 Nagoya Way, Berth 78, 310 832, 4251. The fish market itself is not literally outdoors, but it abuts an open seating area, half of which is indoors and half of which is out. You buy your fish from the market, and for a dollar more (or something like that) you can take it to the grill to get cooked. If you don't mind some relatively major grease they can fry it with vegetables, after which it looks darn good I have to say. I generally go with the nutritionally correct grilling option. The seating area looks out on a shipping channel rather than a bay or ocean, so the view is not super spectacular. But it's still pleasant.