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Mar 20, 2008 03:21 PM

Birmingham + kids

Hi, we are going to a wedding in Birmingham (with the kids), and I'm looking for several places to eat out, probably for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We like good food, but obviouly can't go somewhere fancy with very young children in tow, although they are usually well-behaved. We will be staying pretty far out on Cahaba Valley Road (Hwy 119), which may actually be in Pelham (presumably a suburb -- I know nothing about the local geography) rather than Birmingham, and I would like places that are pretty close since the kids get antsy in the car. We like anything except seafood. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Not really any great restraunts in Pelham IMO, but if you drive up Hwy 31 just a bit (if you are on 119 take a right on 31) there are a few places that are ok, they are all near the Galleria. I would probably go with Jim N Nicks is on the Left side of 31, probably 15 min away...good BBQ and sides, and other stuff if you dont like BBQ, and kid friendly for sure...make sure to get the company salad and some cheddar biscuts!

    There are a few other places in that general vicinity, but that is what I would go with.

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      Johnny Ray's BBQ has a location in Pelham. It's a local chain. I think it's good BBQ and the pies are wonderful! Obviously a casual place and won't take forever - I think your kids should enjoy. Around the perimeter of the mall is Olive Garden (thinking of your kids!) and other mall restaurants.