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Apr 29, 2002 10:05 PM

Carne Asada at Carillo's Mexican Deli Canoga Park

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Finally found good carne asada at a taco stand sort of place: Carillo's Mexican Deli on Sherman Way near Corbin.

Been searching for good carne asada at a taco stand since I moved to LA four years ago from San Diego. When I had almost reluctantly concluded that I'll only eat al Pastor in this city and save my carne asada cravings for my southbound trips, I still persist in trying to find an option in this town.

Ordered a Taco al Pastor and a Sope Carne Asada. While I didn't care too much for the al Pastor--not as much flavor as at El Mexicano in North Hollywood, the Carne Asada was a tremendous. Crispy slightly burnt edges and tender well-seasoned marinated meat served cut into short strips. No gristle, no little dry brown cubes reminiscent of vacuum packed dog treats, just moist, tender flavorful meat.

Of course, as with Mexican at taco stands, it's all timing, but I suppose I was extremely lucky. I enjoyed this treat at 2:45pm.

I'll definitely try the carne asada there again to see if they're consistent...

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  1. I haven't been to Carillo's in years, but used to love their Chili Rellenos.

    Have you tried Las Fuentes (on Vanowen, near Reseda Blvd)? It's probably my favorite for Mexican. I love the generously sized, fresh tacos: tender asada, flavorful al pastor, and crispy carnitas (to name a few). Their tortas and especiales are delicious as well.

    In addition to the good food, they have expanded over the years, in space, and with a wonderful collection of Artes de Mexico, bursting throughout the restaurant.

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      Thanks for the tip! I haven't tried Las Fuentes--just learning the ropes for good eats in this takes a while to navigate, but sounds great. I'll check it out for sure. One of my favorite spots in San Diego for shrimp burritos is called La Fuente, so I'll definitely remember the name..

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        We love Las Fuentes. We'd go more often if it wasn't difficult to get a place to sit. The decor is wonderful, the food fresh, the restaurant always full. Can't wait for Sunday...