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Mar 20, 2008 03:09 PM

Technology of Breadmaking

There is a new-ish great book on the whys of breadmaking from Springer.
Today I found that I can download the entire e-book from our University Library because they subscribe to Springerlink, the online dataservice that also allows access to a lot of scientific publications by internet.
I download onto a memory stick at the library and then from the memory stick onto a CD at my home computer.

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  1. Hi Shallots
    Your article is music to my ears. Will it be possible for you to share this book with me. As I live Shimla, which is in the Himalayas and there are no libraries over here that have this book. Thanks.

    1. Can you give us the author and title?

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      1. re: Father Kitchen

        Is this it?
        'Bread Making: Improving Quality' by Stanley Couvain, about 350 pages, only $250!

        Even if it's not the book th OP had in mind, it's a great one. Take a look at the Table of Contents and the sample pages in the Amazon listing below. Just wish I could afford it.

        1. re: Leucadian

          Thanks, Leucadian. Most of that is probably beyond anything I'll need to know as a home baker, so even if I could buy it, I probably wouldn't. But I think I will look for it by Interlibrary loan.