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Mar 20, 2008 02:31 PM

Mexican Hot Chocolate [MSP]?

Anyone know a good spot for Mexican Hot Chocolate in the Twin Cities? Something with good kick and not too too sweet.

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  1. Wait a few weeks, and the stand at the Mpls Farmer's Market makes a good one. Should be opening April 19th-- but the stand may or may not be there the first weekend.

    Otherwise, I usually buy my own Ibarra at the mercados on Lake Street and make my own. Pretty easy.

    1. OK this is not exactly what you asked for, but the J&S Bean Factory joints in St. Paul make a pretty nice Mexican mocha. If you don't mind the added espresso flavor and caffeine, it fits your criteria.

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      1. re: diesel

        Oops, forgot to add place links:
        EDIT: I can't seem to get the other shop's link to work, so here's their website:

        Bean Factory
        1342 Thomas Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55104

        1. re: diesel

          I was just at the Bean Factory the other day-- they make a regular and a spicy (with extra ancho chile)-- the Mexican part of the mocha does come from powdered hot cocoa, so I am sure they would make just the Mexican hot chocolate for you.

          Diesel, I forgot about that place-- that's a great idea!