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Mar 20, 2008 02:09 PM

Elvis cake frosting... without butter?

Any thoughts as to how I could tackle the peanut butter frosting for the Elvis cake without using butter? I have a guest who is lactose intolerant and won't be able to eat the frosting (the butter in the cake is ok, as it's cooked). I suppose I could use (*shudder*) margarine, but wondered if there is some other peanut butter frosting that wouldn't require butter.

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  1. I can think of a couple of ways, but they all include dairy. Tough one.

    How about picking up a can of chocolate frosting and adding the PB?

    1. Why don't you substitute Fleishman's unsalted margarine for the butter? It's non dairy. You could also use Earth Balance, Soy Garden, Smart Balance with flax oil or Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening in place of the butter. I'm lactose intolerant and have used all of the above as butter substitutes in frosting. They're all good as substitutes go and they won't take away from the yumminess of the peanut butter. If you have the time, make a sample batch of frosting with one of these subs and see what you think. Good luck!!

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        Thanks. I never use margarine, and am generally leery of it as a product. But I will check out Earth Balance (if I can find it in Toronto) and follow your suggestion to make a sample batch.

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          It's a banana cake with chocolate, frosted with peanut butter frosting.

        2. In my experience, the best margarine for baking and frosting is Mother's sweet unsalted. It is a kosher non-dairy product and can be found in a grocery that serves a large Jewish population. It has the closest "real butter" taste. I find that it is actually pretty good.

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            I forgot that one when I was thinking of butter substitutes. I agree that it's very good.