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Mar 20, 2008 01:54 PM

Philly - looking for romantic, quality dinner for 2

coming down from nyc, staying at four seasons - just me and my wife. want a cool vibe, great food and wine list.

any help is appreciated

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  1. Estia -- sensational Greek seafood house where the action is.
    Broad & Locust St.

    1. For a wonderful romantic dinner go no farther than the four seasons restaurant, the Fountain.

      For more hip with good food but noisy atmosphere is Amada.

      1. Vetri is, I feel, Philly's best restaurant. It would also meet my definition of romantic- it's a quaint, cozy, little italian jewel box. I'm not sure I'd describe it as a "cool vibe" though. Excellent wine list and service. Think of it as a tiny, cozy Babbo.

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        1. re: JCap

          If you want a cool vibe, head to Osteria (Marc Vetri's other restaurant) instead. I'm not sure how his schedule is these days, but last I heard, Mr. Vetri was splitting his time more or less equally between the two places, so he could be cooking for you at Osteria depending on what day it is.

          1. re: Buckethead

            Last time I went to Osteria, about two weeks ago, Vetri came in right after we were seated. He was behind the counter for about an hour and a half to two hours and then ended the night having a drink at the bar and mingling with customers. I've been about 4 times and have seen him there for part of 3 visits. Food, as always, was exceptional.

            1. re: Decker

              We were there two Friday's ago. Sat at the kitchen bar. Vetri arrived, and was chatting us up, along with the chef, Jeff.
              On another note, the service was terrific at Osteria. I know other posters have had issues.

              1. re: JCap

                I can happily say that I have not had any service issues. Being there only 4 times, I hardly call myself a regular, but have already met Vetri, chef Jeff, and the genral manager, Jeff Benjamin. I think that effort to reach out to one's guests is certainly an asset to any restaurant.