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Mar 20, 2008 01:51 PM

Anyone try Le Grande Orange in Pasadena?

Maybe it's too early to ask since they just opened 4 days ago, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried it yet?

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  1. Where is it? Orange Grove? :) Do you know what kind of food?

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    1. re: slacker

      It's in the renovated Santa Fe Railway Station at the Del Mar Station complex. Part of small chain- wine bar,pizza, +.
      Haven't been, so it's unfair, but my reaction is similar to my reaction to the complex- "It took them (3 1/2 yrs-DMSC, 5 yrs-LGO*) to do THAT?"

      * Empire State building completed in less than a year and a 1/2.

      1. re: ilikefood

        LGO is a Phoenix, AZ restaurant. They serve pizzas and burgers and salads. All very very tasty. The group that owns LGO in Phoenix also owns an Italian restaurant across the street (Radio Milano) and a wine bar next door (Postino) and an American restaurant (Chelsea's Kitchen) about one mile away. Sort of an empire. Good food at all of the restaurants-all very different. The pizza is not just pizza-not NY or Chicago but very good. The burgers are great. Salads are fresh and innovative.

        1. re: bonita

          Hmm, that all actually makes me skeptical about this Le Grande Orange place, but I'll give it a try.

    2. Just ate at Le Grande Orange tonight (4/1). Great setting, the restored Del Mar train station in Pasadena, right next to a Gold Line station. The interior is nicely done and on the casual side. It was too cold tonight, but the patio bar area looks to be a good summer evening destination.
      The food was good but not great - my wife summed it up as "Islands with Attitude". Pizzas, tacos, burgers, and the usual steaks & seafood dinners. Ingredients were fresh & quality, but the preparation & presentation was pretty average. Price is moderate, $50 for two for food.
      The staff at this very new restaurant was clearly still learning, so we'll forgive the mistakes this time. However, when a customer says it is too cold, kill the attitude and close the door!
      In summary, Le Grande Orange is worth a visit for a good, casual dinner. We'll be returning to check out the patio bar in warmer weather. Their adjacent Italian restaurant will open in ~6 months making it more of an evening destination.

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      1. re: drbob89

        Where do you park for this place? In the underground parking for that hideous apartment building? Street? If you parked underground, did they validate? Thanks!
        Also, what did you order? Would you recommend any of it?

        1. re: WildSwede

          We parked on the street (metered) 1 block north. The restaurant is a couple blocks from the busy part of Old Town so street parking is OK during the week. They do have valet and also validated parking in the apartment building to the north.

          I had gumbo (very good but salty) and halibut tacos (simple but the fish was fresh & properly cooked). My wife had a burger (very good) and salad (good). Nothing we had was exceptional, we'll try the steaks or seafood entrees next time.