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Mar 20, 2008 01:49 PM

Magical Food Properties?

I am inspired by the current subthread that green m&ms would make one...ahem....amorously-inclined. Everyone has heard about oysters. Some stories about the foods' powers are true, and some are, well, not so true.

What are food (or drink) "magical" properties that you have heard about? Tried to evoke? Maybe tried to avoid?

Oh here is a mundane one: that grapefruits burn fat. HAH -- a BIG LIE!

Let's have fun, shall we?

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  1. That eating oatmeal every day will reduce bad cholesterol. Or that eating Cheerios for six weeks straight will also reduce cholesterol. Think the oatmeal 'myth' might be true though.

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    1. re: FoodieKat

      Whole grains will reduce cholesterol. The myth is that oatmeal is unique in this advantage.

      1. re: mojoeater

        Try steel cut oatmeal, quick cooking or rolled dont help much

      2. re: FoodieKat

        I'm all for oatmeal and breakfast cereals, if they float your boat. But some of the health claims attributed to certain breakfast foods bring to mind the laughable quackery of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (Victorian-era co-inventer with his brother of the breakfast cornflake). Kellogg ran a holistic sanitarium advocating a grains and nut-based diet with plenty of daily water and yogurt enemas (for "squeaky-clean" intestines).

        He advised, "Avoid poison-containing foods. Tea, coffee, chocolate and cocoa contain poisonous alkaloids which impair digestion, damage the nerves, and promote disease of the liver, kidneys, and blood-vessels. Cereal beverages and hot fruit juices are wholesome substitutes for tea and coffee...."

        He wrote elsewhere, "The use of highly-seasoned foods, of rich sauces, spices and condiments... has an undoubted influence on the sexual nature of boys, stimulating those organs into too early activity.... The use of mustard, pepper, pepper-sauce, spices, rich gravies, and all similar kinds of food, should be carefully avoided by young persons. They are not wholesome for either old or young; but for the young they are absolutely dangerous."

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          Anthony Hopkins played Kellogg in a wonderful movie entitled "The Road to Wellville." Highly entertaining.

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            Hey, Dr. Kellogg wasn't all wrong. Tea, coffee, chocolate, and cocoa contain oxalates, which are thought to contribute to formation of kidney stones in certain sufferers (of which I am one). So they might indeed "promote disease of the ... kidneys".

            Not that I think Dr. K was anything but a crank - but even a broken clock is right twice a day!


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          1. Not sure if this is along the topic, but I wonder if anyone else has the same reaction:

            Avocado makes my dreams extremely vivid the night that I eat them. Not vivid as in lewd, but vivid as in life-like - no matter what the topic of the dream is.

            Here's one: Capsaicin = endorphin rush.

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              I've never had that experience with avocados, but the fact that ingesting capsaicin (hot peppers) causes the body to produce endorphins is not magic, it's quite real.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Yeah, but when you're hurting that bad, who can enjoy the endorphins?

              2. Mountain oysters and ginseng should turn any guy itnto a raging ... well, whatever. Shark parts seem to be popular in Asia, though I don't remember which parts.

                1. Raw apple cider vinegar, honey and water will act as a marvelous tonic, clear up skin, purify my body, give me energy yada yada yada. Similar to the effect of drinking kombucha tea.

                  Frankly, though, ACV in water and kombucha both do seem to make me feel good. But I can't tell if the acidity perks me up or if it's all those good vitamins and enzymes.

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                    i could use a good spring tonic!