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Mar 20, 2008 01:45 PM

What's a good seafood restaurant for a day trip to Boston?


Doing a 1 day trip to Boston. What would you say is "THE" seafood restaurant to try? The reason why I say seafood is because Boston is known for the Lobster and clam chowder? Ok, if not seafood, then ANY good restaurant I can take my girlfriend and say "This is what Boston is about!".

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. In Boston proper? I'd head up to Ipswitch and eat at Woodmans or The Clam Box... espeically if the weather is nice. And although Boston is known for lobster, finding a nice lobster pound or lobster roll place up in Maine is my favorite experience. But, I have heard good things about Belle Isle Seafood in East Boston and I think James Hook might sell lobster rolls. For the cliche'd but fun experience, maybe the Barking Crab. Legal Seafood is always a pretty safe bet.

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      Just to clarify for this out of town poster who may not know the area- if you are in Boston, a trip to Ipswich will take about 45min-1 hour each way, and Main is about an hour away. So if you're just here for the day, those options may not appeal.

      Lots of suggestions here on the board, try a search for "seafood" or "lobster"

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        Stay away from Woodman's, the place is aweful, Ipswich is a small trek, if the OP is up for a drive, I'd opt for Lobster Pool in Rockport or Causeway in Gloucester. Remember clams will not be native due to Red Tide.

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          Oh yes, the Lobster Pool is the quintessential New England seafood experience -- right on Ipswich Bay, picnic tables and fantastic food. I love the desserts, they are right out of 1951. A great choice!

          I also heartily agree on Woodman's. For suckers only.

      2. I would head to Neptune in the North End and skip the drive - what you save on gas you can splurge on food, and there are many other food options available within walking distance.

        It is not a boiled lobster place, but Hooks retail is among the better sources for home cooking.

        If you are willing to pay someone to cook lobster for you, Jasper White's Summer Shack does a nice chervil pan seared version and Legal Seafood does a nice boiled version.

        Many locals cook lobster at home, but if you are from out of town and have only one day, any of those places are fine.

        1. I'd vote for Summer Shack, in the Hilton at the end of Boylston in the Back Bay. Really great seafood, and a fun atmosphere. There's one in Cambridge too, right by the Alewife T station.

          1. My stock answer to this question is that there is no definitive "seafood restaurant" in Boston, weird as it sounds. Yes there are a few places that position themselves this way (Atlantic Fish, Turner Fisheries, Legal Seafoods, Summer Shack), but the great thing about Boston for seafood is that EVERY good restaurant has good seafood, it's just part of the basic offerings. So welcome, and have at it!

            1. I used to take visitors to Village Fish in Brookline, always dependably good and the prices were reasonable, but sadly they've moved to Newton (haven't been there yet, so no comment). Mixed results at Barking Crab. Sometimes quite good -- and a great view of the city -- other times kind of greasy, noisy, and touristy.

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                Village Fish moved to Needham not Newton. Haven't been though.

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                  The Barking Crab is awful in every way.