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Apr 29, 2002 06:58 PM

Sham open late on weekends.

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Sham on Santa Monica Blvd at Fifth is now open until midnight on Friday and Saturday - Jihad, the owner said he had customers until 1 a.m. last night too. Just had our second lunch there - excellent food but not quite as bountiful as on our first visit - the lunch special was three mini size choices from appetizers, salads or main dishes. Now its two larger size dishes from that assortment. A good value would be to split a plate that comes with two sides and looked really wonderful. Jihad said you can order a choice of five salads for $8 and we'll do that next time. I just love the decor there, the noise and the bleating rhythm of arab music.

Oh the yoghurt drink is fresh made, salty. Jihad took the rotisserie chicken off the menu because a lot of customers said they can get that anywhere but they come for the Syrian food.

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  1. Sham is actually on Santa Monica Blvd b/w 7th and Lincoln. I picked up lunch from there yesterday. Had the chicken shawarma(I prefer all white meat), hummous, the garlic dip, fantastic basmati red rice and french fries. It was a huge portion of food, lunch and dinner for me. Their fresh, homemade bread came right out of their special oven and was just fantastic.

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      Thanks for correcting the address - you must have been there at the same time we were yesterday because Jihad said to me - that person over there just said he read about us on the internet too. Bread is just fantastic - I loved to see a new restaurant just hoppin' and lively, shows that there is a reason to be there, delicious.

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        I was actually there before noon and I'm a "she"...:)the bread IS awesome! can't wait to try their other goodies.

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          Well then there must have been three Chowhounds there for lunch Hounding it up with les compliments aux chef :).