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Mar 20, 2008 01:31 PM

brunch north of boston

hi all.. need last minute suggestions for easter brunch north of boston. a mix of palates and 2 well behaved kids ( 4 & 7 but really only like pancakes)..

not really interested in a hotel brunch, but not ruling it out.


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  1. Friends took me to the Hilltop brunch in Dec. We really enjoyed it and the food was decent and met everyone's taste. Can also make your own waffles which would be a fun thing for the kids to watch. I believe they make also have the Easter bunny there. It is from 8-12 and very reasonable. Get there early, though. When we were leaving at 10:30ish, there was a line forming. Happy Easter.

    1. Michael Timithoy's in Nashua or Old Salt on rt 1 in Hampton, NH, they have kids prices the 4 year old eats for free. Check out their website.