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Mar 20, 2008 01:30 PM

suggestions for an out of town family of 5?


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  1. what style of restaurant are you looking for? what price range?

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    1. re: jmulheim

      style doesn't matter nor price. The only thing I could think of was italian?
      I just want kids to be happy.
      What do kids like?

      1. re: girlwonder

        If they like Italian, a fun place to go with kids is C & O Trattoria in Venice, on Venice Blvd. It's not Hollywood, sorry, but it is casual with lots of food, great garlic balls and kids enjoy it.

        If the kids aren't terribly picky, I suggest you take them to places where dining is fun. Try a Korean BBQ place where they can grill their own meats. Soot Bull Jeep is my favorite but there are other places that are a little more polished if dives are intimidating.

        Mexican food is fantastic - what kid doesn't like tacos? There are tons of choices, whether you want taco stand or sit-down.

        Take them to Chinatown for dim sum - kids like choosing from the food on the carts.

        If they are adventerous eaters, try one of the all-you-can-eat Sushi and seafood places like Todai or the Lighthouse in Santa Monica. They can pick what they want - the tiny, colorful desserts are wonderful for kids to choose.

        Take the kids downtown to the Grand Central Market - they can wander the various stalls and pick what they want.

        Or the Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax, if downtown is too gritty or too far.

        One fun thing to do if you're in Hollywood proper would be to get on the Red Line and take it to Union Station, then walk through Olvera Plaza and into Chinatown. The food ranges from mediocre-tourist to excellent, but the experience is great, from the train itself to the grandeur of Union Station and the variety of two very different ethnic neighborhoods. Lots of sights, sounds and tastes for kids.

        1. re: gsw

          Thanks for the suggestions.
          I am sure something will suffice the kiddies!

    2. Ages? Likes/dislikes? part of town?

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      1. re: gsw

        I did post this twice.
        You just happened to reply to the one I deleted.
        Ages 11, 9, & 6.
        In the Hollywood area?
        Or any surrounding parts?

      2. The Grove is always a hit with the kids. Lots to see and do. And a trolley to boot. There are a ton of restaurants there, but Maggiano's is particularly kid-friendly.