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Mar 20, 2008 01:27 PM

whitefish salad/ne side of Philly

I'm a Baltimore Hound hoping someone can give me a lead in the right direction: my ex-husband's now-deceased father used to go to a deli on the Northeast side of Philly and get the best whitefish salad I've ever tasted. I know there are probably dozens of delis that fit that description, but could you possibly throw out some possibilities so that I can begin my search? It was definitely on the NE side near Jeanes St.

I've been craving it for about 10 years now :)


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  1. The neighbor has changed...but Jacks Deli futher up Buselton Ave has ok whitefish salad
    Dons make good whitefish...its sold a variety of places..

    1. My first thought was the Bustleton Famous Deli on Krewstown Road, which is relatively close to Jeanes St.. I used to get whitefish salad there regularly in the late 70's and early 80's before I moved out here. I don't think it is there anymore but check it out. The 'Garden of Eatin' was a deli restaurant that also sold salads. I think they're gone, too.

      1. Funny thing- but so far in Philly, I've yet to taste as good a whitefish salad as the homemade one at Seven Mile Market in Baltimore. (they have 2 of them- one is far better than the other-more limited & harder to get, but worth a shot if you haven't tried it-it's the chunkier of the 2)

        1. Steve Stein's Famous Deli in Krewstown Shopping center @ Grant Ave. and Krewstown Rd. He makes his own and if he is there he will make you feel like family. There is a bagel store in the same shopping center called South Philly Bagels. This little gem of a shopping center also has a newish supermarket called Apple Farmers Market which caters to the growing population of Latino and Eastern European immigrants in the neighborhood and a Russian restaurant, Pirismoni. I have not tried Pirismoni, yet.

          1. You might be thinking of Abe's Appetizers on Bustleton Ave., but that's no longer in existence. Most delis get their whitefish salad from the same suppplier, but try following the suggestions below and go to Famous on Krewstown Road.