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Mar 20, 2008 01:07 PM

Reasonably-priced lamb

Being the bargain-shopper I am, I'm looking for the best price for fresh lamb this Easter. Normally I get a butterflied leg from Fairway, but with prices skyrocketing as they are, Fairway seems like an expensive option to feed all my guests.

So I ask you: where can I find decent-to-good lamb (chops, racks, legs -- anything except breast) for a reasonable price in the city?

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  1. I passed by Esposito's pork store today where I saw a sign that said baby lamb for easter. Their prices tend to be very good. I'm a bit perplexed by "baby lamb" as I thought all lamb was supposed to be baby sheep.

    1. Not sure if the Manhattan location will have it, but Western Beef in Queens carries pretty good lamb and it's always on sale around easter. I think I paid $1.99 a pound for a bone-in leg last year, which the staff butchers at the store happily boned for me. A bunch of other grocery stores (Pathmark, S&S, etc) had lamb pretty cheap too, but I think the quality is better at WB, generally. The Manhattan location is on 11th Ave (West End Ave), in the low 60s I think. Maybe WEA and 61?

      1. Western Beef usually sells meats, including lamb, at much lower prices than most other markets in the city. I've been happy enough with them when I have been particularly cost-conscious in the past. But you should take a look to see if the quality of their meat meets your standard.

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          Western Beef would be my first choice for an alternative; I just find their lamb not especially lamb-y if that makes any sense. Also I've never seen the butchers at either Manhattan location to get a cut cleaned up. Will they let me open a package and have it deboned?

        2. Reasonably priced and lamb are not often equivalent, but I've been pleased with what I've purchased at Ottomanelli's on Bleecker....lamb loin chops for $10/lb.

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            Seconded. American lamb with great flavor and it's very nicely trimmed before it hits the scale.

          2. How about a Chinese Butcher Shop in Chinatown or the LES?

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              I’ve looked for lamb in two different butcher shops in Chinatown and never seen it in either one. My understanding, from my Chinese cookbooks, is that the only Chinese who eat lamb are from the area near Mongolia and those in the south who are Muslim who substitute it for pork. Just about the only time you see lamb in a Chinese cookbook, it’s being used as a stand-in for goat.

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                In the past, taking my Mother shopping,she always purchased lamb in Chinatown. as I stated in the other thread on fish, we generally shop on the South side of Canal Street. She usually purchases pork related items, but when purchasing lamb for soups she buys shoulder blade and ribs. Based on that memory, I would assume the butchers purchase the whole lamb and would have the legs and or shanks available. I would defer to others who have more experience.

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                  I tend to shop in one of two butcher shops (depending on whether I'm farther east or west), one at 57 Bayard and the other on Grand. If they had lamb, I didn't recognize it and they didn't understand what I was asking for (not at all unusual, by the way). I'd love to find a source for lamb in Chinatown, even if it's just ribs. I hope someone with more knowledge than I does indeed jump in here.