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Mar 20, 2008 01:00 PM

Suggestions for Davis Square, not Gargoyle's

I love Gargoyle's on the Square but is there any other places anyone can recommend in Davis Square near the Somerville Theater?

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  1. I went to Namaskar in February and really enjoyed my meal there. I don't know why people even bother with Diva.

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    1. re: heypielady

      The masala dosas at Diva are kind of incredible, so occasionally I put up with the crap-nasty service for them. But not much anymore. It's just not worth it.

      I wish Namaskar would get rid of those awful blue lights that shine on the food. Eating a yellow curry there is a little disgusting... it's all swamp-green from the light!

      1. re: Boston_Otter

        Have you tried the dosa at Namaskar? I had it and it was great (and enormous) Similar to what I've had in India but bigger. To be fair I haven't had a dosa at Diva so I can't compare.

    2. II like Namaskar too. I can also recommend:
      Martsa on Elm -- yummy Tibetan food
      Dave's Fresh Pasta -- delicious sandwiches, cooked entrees, take-out pasta and fancy groceries
      Anna's Taqueria -- local burrito chain but great chile verde too

      None of these serve alcohol though, so if that's a requirement head to the Burren for decent pub food and a good pint.

      Joshua Tree, Diva, Mike's, Orleans, Chipotle.

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      1. re: yumyum

        Just to clarify, Namaskar does serve alcohol. (I believe yumyum was referring to Martsa, Dave's and Anna's)

        1. re: heypielady

          You're right heypie -- Namaskar serves the elixir. M, D and A do not.

      2. Something completely different - Redbones?

        1. Out of the Blue for fresh and reasonably priced seafood.

          1. Martsa's on Elm (Tibetan). They recently expanded, so they have more seating now.