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Suggestions for Davis Square, not Gargoyle's

I love Gargoyle's on the Square but is there any other places anyone can recommend in Davis Square near the Somerville Theater?

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  1. I went to Namaskar in February and really enjoyed my meal there. I don't know why people even bother with Diva.

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      The masala dosas at Diva are kind of incredible, so occasionally I put up with the crap-nasty service for them. But not much anymore. It's just not worth it.

      I wish Namaskar would get rid of those awful blue lights that shine on the food. Eating a yellow curry there is a little disgusting... it's all swamp-green from the light!

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        Have you tried the dosa at Namaskar? I had it and it was great (and enormous) Similar to what I've had in India but bigger. To be fair I haven't had a dosa at Diva so I can't compare.

    2. II like Namaskar too. I can also recommend:
      Martsa on Elm -- yummy Tibetan food
      Dave's Fresh Pasta -- delicious sandwiches, cooked entrees, take-out pasta and fancy groceries
      Anna's Taqueria -- local burrito chain but great chile verde too

      None of these serve alcohol though, so if that's a requirement head to the Burren for decent pub food and a good pint.

      Joshua Tree, Diva, Mike's, Orleans, Chipotle.

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        Just to clarify, Namaskar does serve alcohol. (I believe yumyum was referring to Martsa, Dave's and Anna's)

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          You're right heypie -- Namaskar serves the elixir. M, D and A do not.

      2. Something completely different - Redbones?

        1. Out of the Blue for fresh and reasonably priced seafood.

          1. Martsa's on Elm (Tibetan). They recently expanded, so they have more seating now.

            1. Dave's Fresh has minimal inside seating, sidewalk tables when the weather is better. I adore their sandwiches.

              Namaskar is also great.

              I'm really fond of Blue Shirt - a small sandwich joint next to Mike's, but I think that might be because I'm a hippy. Other hounds have told me a it's a little too "wheat germ" for them.

              There's also the crepe place next to the theater - ok crepes, awesome waffles that finlero wrote about recently.

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                Also, Dave's closes fairly early: 7pm? more of a pick up tasty food for a picnic/take home place.

              2. No recent experience, but I enjoyed the appetizers I've had at Sabur, up the street toward Teele.

                1. The restaurant that used to be China Sun which I believe is now called Tokyo Tapei is pretty good, much to my surprise. I was surprised since I usually do not trust Asian restaurants that combine cuisines from different countries. I had Spicy Szechaun Eggplant and the spears were not mushy and not doused in too much oil. All the dishes were packed with flavor even It's a great quick place to grab a bite before a movie or a concert.

                  1. How close to the theater do you need to be? Highland Kitchen would be my pick.

                    I like Blue Shirt, too. Particularly the thai-seared tofu. Maybe I'm a hippie, too.

                    1. It's a bit of a walk to Amelia's in Teele Sq, but I feel like it's well worth it. Also, I second the Namaskar suggestion- avoid Diva if possible!

                      1. Redbones is fun...love their Jamaican Jerk Beef Sandwich.

                        1. Dave's has good pasta and sauces that make up a quick meal. I also like Blus shirt too but I hate tofu.