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Best BBQ?

Redbones always gets it done, but what else?

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  1. Oh Lord...

    Okay, I'll start this horror-fest off: for pork spare ribs, Uncle Pete's.

    For pulled pork, Blue Ribbon.


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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      Gosh I've never seen a thread on this theme before...

      I personally prefer Blue Ribbon's ribs. Not a fan of uncle pete's.

      1. re: StriperGuy

        I really like Uncle Pete's pork spare ribs.

        I think they ARE superior to Blue Ribbon's ribs. (But Blue Ribbon does most everything else better.)

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Hey, be nice- new people show up all the time- if we want to get their great tips, we need to be tolerant of rehashing of older topics. You don't want to discuss? Move on.

          Uncle Pete's for me. Brisket and Pork loin ribs.
          Blue Ribbon is also very good and I'd probably like it better if I could realistically eat there but it's so tiny I can't count on it, so I can't really give it a try with kids in tow.
          I don't like Redbones as much but their beer selection carries a lot of weight when considering the whole package.

          1. re: Chris VR

            Unfortunately Redbones beer selection is becoming less interesting. Its a concious effort by management to reduce the number of rotating selections. Now you will see more of the same run of the mill imports and "craft" beer on all the time. Today's (and yesterday and the day before) list on their website is the most pedestrian selection I've seen since my first visit 9 years ago.

            And pricing has jumped quite a bit too. $5 a pint for local/regionals and $6 for everything else - I understand wholesale prices have increased, but not enough to justify the $.75 to $1.50 per pint increase in the last month or so.

            Chris, the beer manager for the last few years has left as well.

            1. re: LStaff

              Feh. Well that's bad news. One less reason to trek over to Redbones :-(

        2. re: Bostonbob3

          Oooh! Oooh! I'll play!!!!

          Blue Ribbon the best.
          Redbone's not good.

          Next ...

        3. Prav turned me on to the pulled pork sandwich at Flat Patties in Harvard Square. I tried it Tuesday night for the first time. It was deee-licious!

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Wow. Who knew? Have to give it a try.

          2. Lester's in Burlington is pretty good.

            Stay away from Firefly's...

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            1. re: sultanp

              firefly's is terrible. blue ribbons not too bad. never heard of uncle pete's.
              Redbones in cambridge/sommerville is really good also.

              But far and away the tops is Mississippi's in JP. Tough to find, it is by the orange line on the roxbury/dorchester line and kind of hidden, but if you LOVE BBQ and I LOVE bbq...you have to make it to this place.
              Traditional southern bbq...it does not get better in this part of the country.

              1. re: farmstandgood

                More info on Mississippi's please. I checked their website and it looks like their BBQ is simmered in sauce and not slow cooked in a smoker with a dry rub? Is that correct? What would you recommend there?

              2. re: sultanp

                Lester's has been too inconsistent for me that I just can't recommend it anymore. Some meals have been stellar- juicy, perfect ribs. And then other meals have been dried out disappointing messes. I'll still go there and take my chances, because when they are on, they are ON, but I won't recommend them to anyone anymore.

              3. I really like the burnt ends from Blue Ribbon and the pulled pork from Redbone's. Highland Kitchen in Somerville also has a great pulled pork sandwich (as long as you like vinegar, which I do!)

                1. I like Blue Ribbon - the sides are great, and their Memphis dry-rubbed ribs are well done. I've always preferred them over wet ribs.

                  1. Blue ribbon and Redbones are really hit or miss depending on the day, the item ordered, or even plate by plate that you have to be pretty lucky to get good Q. Lester's in burlington has been either good or average on my visits as well. Still need to hit up Uncle Pete's and Firefly.

                    What I find strange with the two Blue Ribbon outlets, items are prepared differently. Usually more smoke flavor in the meat at the Arlington location imo - even though yesterday's PP sandwich was really low on smoke flavor. For pulled pork, I think its a draw - Arlington location is usually smokier, but chopped - sometimes to a canned tuna like consistency, Newton location is pulled, but less smokier. The pork ribs are usually much better at the Arlington location - smoke flavor, juicy, and can pull the meat off the bone and it comes with the fatty end piece connected to the bone. Newton location's ribs are usually somewhat mushy and dry that falls off the bone too easily with little smoke flavor and are trimmed. Brisket seems to be better at the Arlington store - juicier, smokier, and can be pulled apart - at the Newton store, its usually dried out and falling apart.

                    IMO, you have to eat alot of mediocre Q in the area in order to get some good stuff now and again.

                    Best BBQ meal I've had was at a Redbone's beer dinner when the food was hitting on all cylinders - but that's not the usual experience there. Although I think the beef ribs are usually pretty good.

                    1. I'm a fan of Blue Ribbon..probably my all around favorite. Liked Uncle Pete's haven't been but since they moved.

                      Redbones has better beer than bbq.

                      Don't forget M&M Ribs...they're up there with the best...imo


                      1. Most definitely M & M truck - parked in Dorchester at 200 Geneva Ave (between Beechwood St & Olney St) !!

                        1. I recently had dinner a Redbones first in about a year and felt they had slipped a bit

                          food was lukewarm, portion have shrunk, price has gone up.

                          Blue Ribbon seems to be the class of the field now

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                            Uncle Pete's Beef ribs are the best.

                            Each bite is this wonderful injection of meat, smoke, gelatinous fat...a once every two months pligrimage for me.