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Mar 20, 2008 12:54 PM

Boiled Crawfish

I have a friend coming in town and wants to get some boiled crawfish next Saturday. Any suggestions on where we can go to sit down and get some good boiled crawfish? We are in the Lakeview area, but location isn't a huge concern.

Thanks in Advance.

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    1. re: Carrolltonsnob

      So go there...the Clearview Parkway location is up & running.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Yes that is technically true, but 99% of my enjoyment of Jaegers was the deck, and the sunshine, and watching the pelicans.... Thanks for the memories... I am glad I have them- a whole new generation won't. And I'm too young to be talking like that! Thus, my sentiments about the damn hurricane.

    2. Doesn't Deanie's have it?

      Uptown there's Frankie and Johnny's, and I just saw signs for boiled crawfish at Saltwater Grill. Haven't tried it, though.

      1. How about picking up a few pounds at Big Fisherman at 3301 Magazine St.(uptown) (504) 897-9907 and head over to Audobon Park for a feed?

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        1. re: rockbound

          I second this - Big Fisherman not only has the boiled crawfish, but also potatoes, sausage and corn to accompany your meal. Instead of Audubon, cross Magazine and go to The Fly - it's behind Audubon Zoo, across the train tracks. The Fly is a wonderful park where a lot of families spread a blanket and while away an afternoon while the Mississippi rolls by.

          If you are taking public transportation, use the 'Zine Machine (the #11 RTA bus) to stop at both.

          1. re: rockbound

            Hey rock - I just saw this. We're going to be staying just about a mile out of the French Quarter. Where is Big Fisherman? Sounds yummmm....I've been looking for what may be the best place to get a good crawfish boil while I'm down there at the end of the month.


            1. re: JacquiS

              ??? 3301 Magazine St, as stated.

          2. If you are in the Quarter, both Acme and Felix's had them this weekend.

            1. Pick up some "select" at K jeans on Carrollton. It's a few doors down from Brocatos so you can also pick up some dessert. We boil our own potatoes/corn before picking up the crawfish. Don't forget the Amber.