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Mar 20, 2008 12:54 PM

Need help - Hollywood casual delicious?

A friend is dragging me to the Arclight tonight, and the best part for me is going to be getting a bite to eat first.

I'm not all that picky - I just want the food to be delicious, for it to be not too far from the Arclight, to be somewhat casual, and also nothing I could find in my own part of town (the valley).

Okay, that does sound a little picky. But I'm open to any style of food!

Help me, chowhounds!

Thanks so much!

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  1. The Hungry Cat is just across the street - great drinks and fresh seafood (we always get the peel-and-eat shrimp and lobster roll) in a modern setting.

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      I second The Hungry Cat...the lobster roll is great as is the pub burger. For a quick bite, Magnolia or even the Bowery are not bad and both are in walking distance.

    2. Los Balcones de Peru is also close to the Arclight.

      1. HUNGRY CAT
        HUNGRY CAT
        HUNGRY CAT
        Such great cocktails and amazingly fresh food.
        Great place!

        1. The great thing about Hungry Cat is that even after midnight, they're still serving food. It won't be the full menu (only the raw bar) but that's a consideration also if you prefer a late bite.

          You might want to call ahead also; even with the expansion, you never know how long you're going to be waiting.

          By the way, the Lobster Roll isn't on the menu (as of last week anyway), but the Pug Burger is as good as always and my current favorite is the scallops and pork cheeks.

          Also, you should never have to be dragged to the Arclight. It's the best theater in the city!

          1. another vote for hungry cat! excellent seafood and seasonal cocktails. i can't wait to go in the summer to see if they have the basil gimlet again.