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Mar 20, 2008 12:27 PM

Prospect Park Area Brunch

I'm looking for good Sunday brunch / lunch places near the 15th st. / prospect park stop on the F train. What are your favorites?

Any price range is fine, but it'd be super helpful if you could please indicate how much brunch might be for one person in your post.


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  1. Fez Cafe, Moroccan/French on Prospect Park West. Around $12.

    Fez Cafe
    240 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    1. Thanks, you two. I ended up going to Fez today (Sat.) instead of Sun.

      Had the Moroccan eggs and spiced coffee. I wish I'd tried the meatballs or something else off the lunch (not brunch) menu, though -- they all sounded good!

      The eggs were prepared and then served in a tagine, not baked in the tagine -- but I understand that the latter would've taken quite a bit longer. The result, which tasted mostly like two poached eggs over spaghetti sauce, was a bit disappointing. The side of fragrant rice served with the eggs was, however, excellent.

      I also wasn't a big fan of the spiced coffee. The cardamom flavor was overwhelming and bitter.

      Staff were really nice and the dinner menu looked interesting. I think I probably ordered poorly this time around. I'd like to give it another shot. (BTW, our waitress said the garden will be opening next weekend.)