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Mar 20, 2008 12:16 PM

Anything decent on Prince-Arthur?

This is a query sparked by another poster saying pretty much all restaurants on that stretch were touristy, overpriced and indifferent.

My query is not to much chowish as how to make the best out of situations where a group decides to eat there. I'd add Duluth, but then must point out that I'm not talking about APDC - or for that matter the Khyber Pass, a reasonably-priced BYOW that I like, personally, I'm of course thinking in particular of office parties, that kind of thing.

Anywhere decent and edible?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hiya, the Prince-Arthur quest/question has come up before - you should check out this thread:

      Favorite on Prince Arthur St

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      1. Not that this helps anymore, but there once was a Greek (I know! Who woulda thunk it?!) place, which is now Afghani (I think) resto, below a Vietnamese place. Man, the food there was just amazingly tasty, perfectly marinated and roasted lamb, a vegetarian plate that would make you cry, fantastic stuffed and grilled squid. Three or four floors, laid out in mezzanines, working fireplaces in winter, etc.
        Like I said, I can't remember the name, but my ex and I would eat there every couple weeks. It definitely wasn't one of those 2fer1 souvlaki rip-off joints.

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        1. re: rillettes

          I'd like to find that one. Could it be Le Cavalier Afghan?

          1. re: lagatta

            I believe you are correct. Mind you, I haven't been there since the Greek place shut down, so I have no opinion as to the food.

        2. A lot of the food on Prince Arthur is extremely inexpensive... anyone that thinks that $8.50 table d'hotes are pricey... well...

          There are, I think, 4 different Greek restaurants within a block stretch on Prince Arthur. They all offer some sort of main, that comes with a loaf of bread, potatoes, rice etc. served with their own variation of soup and/or salad, coffee/tea and dessert for $8.50 - $15 or so, ranging from brochettes to filet mignon and many things to choose from. Quantity wise, it's more than satisfying. Quality wise, you're getting what you're paying for.

          Just off Prince Arthur (I think on St. Dominique) there's a little restaurant called Gourmet Thai-Viet that actually has a pretty decent table d'hote too. The dessert is always this horrible fried banana thing though.

          Tamarin is located right on Prince Arthur and it's decent... sort of a Vietnamese type food. I've only eaten there once and had grilled fish and a few starters that were all pretty good.

          I've never eaten at Mazurka, but that's supposed to be affordable, decent Polish food.

          Les Deux Gamins is a tad more expensive, but it's a cute little place and the food quality is actually very good (it's French bistro type food.) They have their own wine there though, so no BYO, and it's not particularly large. It replaced the Iraqi restaurant that replaced the Afghani restaurant that I think rillettes was talking about :)

          Jano has another Portuguese grill location on Prince Arthur. I've found Jano to be kind of hit or miss, but when they're on... if you're into grilled meat, it can't be beat. Especially during the summer, it's a nice place to go. Also not BYOW though.

          Marche 27 is new, on the "other" side of St. Laurent on Prince Arthur. A few people have given it decent reviews lately, mostly in regard to their novel tartare bar.

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          1. re: afoodyear

            I like Mazurka if I'm eating on Prince Arthur, very straightforward comfort food.

            1. re: afoodyear

              Just wanted to follow up and say that I've actually EATEN at Marche 27 now. The service was slow and miserable, but the generous portion of tartare for $13 was very nice and very tasty. Also had a chance to try a panini, and as far as paninis go, it was nothing to scoff at either.

            2. As afoodyear mentioned, Marche 27 is pretty good, I would also recommend Tay Do. Its on Duluth at Henri-Julien (two blocks east of St. Denis) and is easily my favorite BYOW in Montreal. You can order a la carte, but I would highly recommend going for the set meals. The most expensive one is something like $12 which gets you soup, rice, shrimp, chicken and beef, all of which extremely tasty. Its a great deal and the food is really good also.

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              1. re: MickFlanagen

                Marché 27 !
                Just back to Montréal after a year in Australia and this was my favourite new found new restaurant. Fresh, quality, professional service, great mixed of crowd: young, multi ethnic, gay, older, business, hockey fans !
                We had the horse tartar and beautiful dessert. Great quality-price. Unbeatable. Love it, very near by Excentris independant movie center for a pre or after meal.