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Mar 20, 2008 12:08 PM

Sushi with warm rice...

I am sure many of you find a key compenent to a good sushi experience is the warm rice/cold fish components. I do too. There are so many sushi places around now I really can't get why more places don't serve their sushi with warm seasoned rice. I mean, the fish at the average sushi place is these days is OK but I am always finding the rice lacking. Cold, stiff, and relatively flavorless. On rare occasions I am lucky enough to visit a place that just changed their rice and it is still warm (by chance and usualy an all you can eat place that is doing high volume) but what I would like to find is some lower cost places that consistently pay attention to the rice and at least get it to you seasoned and warm. Any thoughts for Brooklyn or Manhattan?

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  1. Warm rice does not make for good sushi.

    Should be room temperature for serving.

    Toro sushi on Dean is excellent sushi.

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      Hmm, I really do like warm sushi rice. Slightly warm, but I couldn't describe it as room temperature. There must be other fans of this. It makes a huge difference IMHO.

      Thank you for the reminder about Taro. I have been there and do recall it being quite good and a value for excellent fish. I will have to go again soon to check out the rice.

    2. Sushi on warm rice would be disgusting, and certainly not something one would ever find in Japan. Like the above poster says, sushi rice should be room temperature or very close to it, and have a "shine" to it from the seasoning and preparation, which is why its very important that it be fresh. I've been dragged to a couple of those fake-y Chinese sushi places around town that gave me nigiri sushi on warm rice, and it was horrible. Of course there's also a lot of those same kinds of places that will use stone cold rice, which is awful too. And there's an awful lot of pre-made sushi being sold out of refrigerator cases everywhere these days with cold hard rice (and very often the wrong kind of rice), but this is really a convenience product like corner salad bar junk, burgers kept under heatlamps, or frozen pizza and not to be taken seriously as actual good food.

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        Gee, I am in Tokyo right now and have had rice that I would not describe as being at room temp- warmer.

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          Disgusting? I can't say I have ever been to Japan but my most memorable sushi experience to date was at Sushi Yasuda. I would consider the rice I had there to be warm. It was definately over room temperature to my mouth.

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            You are correct about Yasuda's rice being over room temperature. But I can't classify it as warm. Are you looking for a place that serves its rice like Yasuda?

            1. re: Miss Needle

              that temperature term is a tough one to quantify, but i know what many of the above posters mean. it's something around body temperature -- non-feverish, that is -- rather than room temperature, in my opinion. that make sense to anyone else?:

              1. re: david sprague

                Yes, that makes sense to me. Sorry warm was not a very precise description.

                1. re: dhs

                  oh, i wasn't being critical of your description at all...it's funny, i had sushi/sashimi for lunch yesterday from kiku in midtown. the sashimi was very good, but the sushi bummed me out because the rice was warm to the point where the the scallop and the yellowtail both started to get clammy and "off"

              2. re: Miss Needle

                I know Yasuda puts a lot of his knowledge and time into the rice. but yes, I would be thrilled to find a less pricey place that serves rice like Yasuda, at least temperature wise with a little flavor.

                thanks for helping me clarify

                1. re: dhs

                  Yeah, so would I. I really haven't found anything like that in NYC so far.

          2. i can see enjoying a nice piece of eel on some warm rice. Warm eel, warm rice.