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Mar 20, 2008 12:01 PM

French and/or Sushi restaurants for special occasion?

Can anyone recommend a great French or Sushi restuarant in LA or Pasadena area for a birthday for a major foodie chef? We don't want to break the bank, but we do want great food and atmosphere for this friend coming in from Denver. Any suggestions?

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      1. re: frank828

        there you go, you get both in one package!

        Also, for French, I like Chez Mimi in Santa Monica (OK, neither LA OR Pasadena, but damn good!)

        Does it have to be sushi, or wil any great Japanese do? Is the San Fernando Valley OK?

        1. re: Diana

          We would prefer sushi. I always forget about Shiro, amazing food but decor stinks! Any other suggestions? I'd like to have a small list to choose from.

      2. Shiro is wonderful, as is its sister restaurant Orris.

        1. It's more of a California/American cuisine place, but it's absolutely dependable and probably the best place in Pasadena...the Parkway Grill. I think it's great place to take an out-of-town foodie chef. You can't miss there!

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          1. re: josephnl

            I agree I love Parkway Grill, but we are looking for specifically Sushi or French. We can go into LA I don't want to rule that out. We just don't want to drive as far as Malibu or the OC.

          2. Celedon offers some's more Asian fusion small plates. But the atmosphere is fun and lively and the food is really good.

            1. SHIRO! SHIRO! SHIRO!
              The best of both worlds...Japanese/French...some of the best-quality fish, and amazing sauces for anything that get sauce...mmmm, the ravioli appetizer!!!

              ORRIS ORRIS ORRIS!
              No need to say more, other than the fact that it's related to SHIRO!

              Amazing Cal/French/Other...the fish is amazing but the duck cannot be beat! Again, sauces and attention to quality and detail is excellent!

              Any of these will be great!