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Mar 20, 2008 11:55 AM

Gluten Free Beer

I'm helping out a Celiac friend who would rather drink beer once in a while rather than cider and wine. I've done a little bit of research on the web and found that there are some gluten-free beers on the market. Some of the ones that seem to get attention are:

Bard's Tale - Dragon's Gold and Tavern Ale
Ramapo Valley - Honey Passover Beer
Green's (from the UK) - several styles.
Anheuser-Busch - Redbridge.

Are there any bars, pubs or restaurants in Manhattan where Celiac-safe, gluetn-free beers are served regularly? I figure Risotteria may have them, but their website doesn't discuss beverage options.

Sometimes you just want to sit down at the bar and order a beer, just like everyone else. Are there any places that would serve these or other gluten free beers?

Side question for other celiacs: Are the Hitachino rice beers celiac-safe?

Thanks a ton!

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  1. Heathers
    E 13th St between A & B.
    it's a small friendly bar run by Heather herself, who I believe has a gluten aversion so there is always a gluten free beer option.
    She's even been known to host a sort of gluten free meet up there.
    There's no sign but it's on the southside of E 13th close to the corner of Ave A.

    Momofuku has a red rice ale that I believe is gluten free too.

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    1. re: davydanger

      I believe the red rice ale you're talking about is Hitachino. It's good stuff... I'm just not sure if it's celiac safe. Thanks a ton for the info on Heathers.

      1. re: egit

        This site ( )doesn't give a definitive answer, but it looks like the beer contains malt (barley?), which probably disqualifies it for your friend. In any case, from Davydanger's description of Heather, I'm sure she would know for sure.

    2. Risotteria does have them ( and great pizza by celiac standards!). also have suggestions for places in NYC.
      I have celiac disease but I don't drink so I can't tell you about other places- sorry!

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      1. re: carfreeinla

        I heartily second Risotteria. They had three kinds of gluten-free beer.

        And while you're there, do try the breadsticks.

        I also noticed that Whole Foods at Columbus Circle sells one or two kinds of gluten-free beer, including Red Bridge.

        Good luck.

      2. I was at Dive Bar (96th & Amsterdam) yesterday and noticed a gluten free beer on their beers list. Sorry I can't recall the name of it.

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        1. re: LNG212

          Recently heard that The Gate in Brooklyn (Park Slope, 5th Ave and 3rd St.) has GF beer at the moment.

        2. Village Pourhouse on 3rd Ave. and 11th or 12th street has Redbridge.

          1. The original comment has been removed