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Mar 20, 2008 11:29 AM

Vintage Restaurant in West Roxbury

I was at Vintage last evening and a sign was posted on the door stating that they were "closed for renovation". Their web site is down and there is only a recording on their answering machine. I have a gift certificate and I'm beginning to think I am out of luck. I have to say that I did not see this coming. I called Vintage in R.I. but they state that they are separate LLC and not affiliated with the Dedham location. Very strange. They have the same signage, concept and decor. Does anyone know what happened?

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  1. How weird! Back in December I posted a blurb from the newspaper that Vintage had been bought and taken over by Jeff Fournier (of 51 Lincoln). Supposedly he was going to revamp the menu and the concept. Also, he was supposed to be behind the Townsend Cafe in Hyde Park - which seems to have stalled out and never has opened. I wonder what's going on? Sorry I don't have a real answer for you.

    1. There is an article in the Boston Biz Journal that indicates that Vintage is shut down for good due to the economic downturn and the resulting fallout there. It states that they tried to infuse the place with some extra money from investors but it didnt pan out. Im sorry I dont have the link off hand but you can google it for the whole article. Its a shame the place was pretty decent. Maybe they should bring back the waving chicken out front?

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        I felt it was a bit on the pricy side for the area. Yes it was high quality but almost everyone I spoke to in the area said the same thing "good but to expensive".

      2. I got onto their web site:

        Then again, I bemoaned the loss of Fontaine's, so no biggy to me if Vintage tanked.

        Vicious? Perhaps. But gentrifying Boston landmarks brings bad karma.

        1. It was discussed over on Universal Hub here:

          Including a link to the BBJ article that Shamrock22 mentioned.

          1. Vintage has reopened under new ownership. I, too, have a Vintage gift card. I called them and they are not honoring the gift cards, but advised me to call the previous owners - The Mayo Group @ #617-423-0800. I called and left a message for Andrea and have not heard back. Good Luck!!!

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              I had no luck contacting them by phone so I finally sent my request for a refund by mail to The Mayo Group and received a check within a few days.