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Mar 20, 2008 11:27 AM

no cook appetizer needed

Having people over for Easter dinner and i have only 1 oven (that will be occupied by a large piece of meat). Any ideas on easy no cook appetizers to serve? One of my guests is allergic to seafood and the other to dairy. :(

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  1. How about prosciutto wrapped melon? That's a nice one for spring. Another suggestion is bacon wrapped asperagus which you can cook in the morning and serve at room temp. Spiced nuts, which can be made in advance in a skillet, might be nice, too. Finally, you could use endive slices and fill them with spinach dip, or just serve veggies and the dip. Cooks Illustrated has my favorite spinach dip recipe - it's so good and so easy!

      1. for Thanksgiving I made the mushroom pate from here- everyone loved it!

        I also often put out a nice fresh spinach or hummus dip with veggies to nibble on. Oh, I also made the spiced nuts which were a hit too!

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          smoked salmon wrapped around asparagus stalks. It is really good.

        2. I love to have little mini caprese salads. Stick a grape tomato, basil leaf, and mozzarella ball on a toothpick - drizzle them with some good olive oil, you're done.

          For the non dairy eaters, how about deviled eggs - a real classic, and one of my favorite things. I restaurant go to has a deviled egg of the day with different flavorings in the yolk mixture. The one with bacon and chives is delicious, but the basic simple one with just a little worstechire sauce is great too.

          I just looked at the ny times post as i was writing this, and i feel like everything has been covered there!

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            Are devilled eggs making a comeback or is this a regional thing? We never have them here?

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              I think they're making a bit of a comeback. I grew up with deviled eggs as an Easter staple. I've seen them served recently at the Petroleum Club.

          2. thanks for all the good ideas--esp. the nytimes article. it looks like an awesome resource to have on file.