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Mar 20, 2008 11:18 AM

Vero Amore, in Tucson (seeking opinions)

I'm considering taking some friends out to Vero Amore. I've seen a couple of positive comments and wanted to see if I could get some confirmation. Anyone have any experience with this restaurant?

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  1. We like it! The place has a very charming, friendly atmosphere. (The owners are delightful young men with lots of passion for what they're doing!) The salads are great. I like the pizzas, but don't think they're as terrrific as I thought they would be. They never seem quite hot (temp.) enough. I do like the wine list; it's very short, but I've never had anything that wasn't very good, reasonable and interesting.

    (Full disclosure: My 15 year old must get at least one pizza a week for takeout. Same one every time. She did got to Italy last summer, and since her return she really only wants V.A.)