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Mar 20, 2008 11:12 AM

Please Help for Chinese Themed Party

Hello everyone!
I am planning my son's 1st birthday party, and we are having a Chinese themed party.

I have 2 questions for everyone.

1. Where is the best place to get dim sum/Chinese bbq/longevity noodles for takeout on a Sunday morning in Chinatown (don't have time to drive to SGV).

2. Does anyone have any good suggestions on where to buy Chinese items downtown to decorate the table - bowls, chopsticks, etc? I know there are tons of places, I was wondering if any were better than others, and would love to have any suggestions from any of you that have done this before!

Thank You!

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  1. Hi:

    There are some really good dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, but for takeout on a weekend, my suggestion would be the Empress Pavilion located inside the Chinatown Bamboo Plaza on the second floor, address – 988 N. Hill Street (see link below).

    This restaurant is always crowded, especially the weekends, but next to the restaurant is their takeout place where you can purchase many of the dim sum they offer in the restaurant.

    For the BBQ – try Sam Woo, located on Broadway, a couple blocks down from Empress Pavilion.

    For the longevity noodles – I assuming you want them in package form – 99 Ranch Market is below the restaurant. This market should also take care of your utensils needs, however, if you need some plastic utensils and decorations, try the big shopping center, also located on Broadway (sorry can’t remember the name but it’s has a big entrance and two stories. On the second level, they have a nice array of Chinese stuff, including plastics bowls, dishes, utensils, etc.

    There’s also the Vietnamese shopping center, also on Broadway, lots of little shops where you could find all sorts of stuff, including toys, decorations, etc.

    Hope this helps and good luck on your party.

    1. You can get chopsticks, bowls, etc. at most large Chinese grocery store, such as 99 Ranch. And I'd also recommend getting a regular Mexican pinata. Almost every Chinese parent I've encountered will buy a pinata for their children's birthday parties. There's something very universal and satisfying about using a stick to whack the living daylights out of a pinata. :-)

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        Hmmm...that's odd, no one in my family or friends of Chinese descent has ever bought a pinata for a b-day party.

        1. re: justagthing

          my folks bought one for my 10th (i think) bday. =)

          1. re: wilafur

            I always wanted one, but had to go to b-day parties of my non-asian friends to get a chance for a whack.

      2. We just had my baby son's 1sth birthday a few week's ago. We bought some Chinese toys you find in Asian countries--those long bulbous balloons, balloon bubbles--at the first store on the right entering the gates on Hill. They were a hit because no one's seen them here before and they're dirt cheap. There are several knick-knack shops between Hill and Broadway, but you just have to rummage through it all. We bought a traditional Chinese outfit at Wing Fung on Broadway and had a nice reception for our son at Monterey Palace in Monterey Park.

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          Babies choke on balloons. Go for the pinata. We're getting one for Easter. It'll be a fun activity for the school-aged kids that attend the party.

          Another fun party game is to have the baby choose his/her career! Identify half a dozen or so items that represent careers, i.e., a toy stethoscope to represent medicine, a scale or a gavel to represent law, a pen to represent the written word, a paint brush to represent art, or a ball to represent athletics. Place the items within reaching distance and let the baby decide which is most attractive to him/her. My Korean sister-in-law says this is a common first birthday ritual for Koreans. Have fun!

        2. Another option for your food is CBS Seafood on the corner of Spring and Ord. Parking is more convenient (assuming you arrive early enough) as they have a surface parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. Note that the 99 Ranch Market in Chinatown closed down several years ago. The business that took its place doesn't sell groceries, but they might sell utensils.