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Mar 20, 2008 10:59 AM

Las Vegas restaurants 101?

going to Vegas for 4 nights with the wife and two teenagers. This will be our first time there We're staying at the Mandalay Bay. I need a few "don't miss" restuarants with a range of prices. Looking for great food and "that Vegas experience".

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  1. With the teenagers, I'd do one night at the Burger Bar. It's in the Mandalay Place area (the shopping arcade that joins MB with Luxor). Enough choices to satisfy all palates. It could be the in between night when you don't necessarily want to stuff yourself with the other places people will recommend.

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      I'd recommend Aureole for the Vegas experience as well as great food. This would be on the high end of the price range however. As a teenager I would have been in awe of a restaurant like Aureole, but not all will appreciate it. You can check out the menu at:

    2. do you have a car ? give me an idea the type of places you frequent now ... are your kids foodies ? are you open to all types of cuisines ? any limitations ? as in not too spicy ? allergies ?

      someone mentioned burger bar - it's a high end burger place...i love it...the booths have personal tv's ...helpful . and at the mandalay - convenient. also at mandalay - i suggest for lunch - border grill ...not your basic mexican place - it's i guess you can call it latin american food.... btw - is this a spring break trip ? summer trip ? reason being factors about tapas ? i think it's fun to have food that can be shared by the family ....2 places - cafe baba reeba ( fashion mall if you are doing the shopping thing ...a nice place to rest the tired feet and enjoy some food ) , 2nd place , off-strip but not too far - firefly - i like them both but given this is a family outing, i suggest baba reeba.

      vegas nostalgia - how about breakfast at the Peppermill ...if by chance you are hitting circus circus ...peppermill is directly across the street - hit the peppermill for bk then have fun at circus circus ( if the teens are to "cool " for circus circus " ...behind the peppermill is indoor "sky-dving " ...if they are adventurous ...they will like this ...but you might want to do the diving before bk ! ) careful at peppermill - the servings are large !! start with the fruit platter ...

      provide more details, i can give you some other ideas ...