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Mar 20, 2008 10:58 AM

Liuzza's by the Track?

I've haven't been to this restuarant....yet!

When we're in town next month, I'm thinking we'll take the streetcar to NOMA and then walk to Liuzza's by the Track for some lunch.

OK, what should I get?

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  1. Strawberry & portabello salad
    Garlic oyster poboy (fried oysters swathed in garlic butter)

    1. Breath taking roast beef poboy with a bowl of gumbo.

      1. Weird, I've been there 100 times and never even seen the above dishes.
        I always get a cup of gumbo and a BBQ shrimp po-boy.
        My wife gets the Ruben.
        They're all perfect and I look fwd to trying the other positions.

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        1. Please don't be in a hurry, or expect fine dining service. It's neighborhood, for sure, but with that caveat, it's pretty perfect as neighborhood joints go.

          1. Best shrimp Po Boy in the world. A wonderful neighborhood joint with local musicians playing for tips, great beer and amazing food. Fancy? No. Great? Absolutely.

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              I know they dont serve food during Jazzfest days. I am curious to know if they serve during the days between (M-W)? I am dying to have lunch there while im in town during jazzfest.

              1. re: indiwaiter

                Regular hours on non-Jazzfest days (M-W), take out only (limited menu) on Jazzfest days.