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Mar 20, 2008 10:42 AM

Taco Truck outside Atlantic Ave Urban Outfitters?

Last night my neighbor mentioned that recently there was a "hipster" taco truck parked outside of the new Urban Outfitters on Atlantic Ave.

I'd love for this to be true.... has anyone else noticed it?

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  1. Saw it last week, didn't check it out.

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    1. re: jakeyd

      I hope it is true also. and the Treats Truck should park right next to it!

    2. Is it the Endless Summer one from Williamsburg? I haven't seen that around on Bedford in a while ...

      1. What makes a taco truck a "hipster" taco truck?

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        1. re: jdf

          In the case of the one in Williamsburg - I think it's run by a gringo hipster.

        2. Would anyone know the hours of the gringo taco truck?

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          1. re: Ljubitca

            Was not there last evening at 10:30 pm.

          2. late reply but: it was definitely endless summer from wiliamsburg. the woman inside of it made it seem like they were only on atlantic for the opening of the urban outfitters. i am pretty sure the taco truck's home is on bedford and north 7th.