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Apr 28, 2002 08:39 PM

Haifa on Pico

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Continuing the eternal search for the perfect hummous, had lunch here. I ordered Yemeni soup a previous favorite, I love that peppery bite; this soup was luke warm and wasn't hot or peppery either. There should have had a large piece of potato in it to cut the pepper bite - just had small bits. We ordered the mixed salad plate (good pita) but the salads were very americanized. Grainy hummous but good creamy eggplant and a very disappointing chopped cucumber/tomato salad. I think it had been made some hours before. I just missed that freshness that I remembered.

There were about ten warmers on a table with various hot meats in them (the lamb was $17.95). Skipped that but offspring had shawma (turkey) which was crispy and tasty BUT was served with french fries that died in the Spanish American war. Everyone was leaving them on their plates. In short, this adorable little find of some years ago has kind of lost its adorabality and was certainly not worth the $41 for three (we had three turkish coffees and they WERE good. I know the place is Kosher and the prices are higher but it was less than a happy lunch.

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  1. If you like great Middle Eastern salads and fresh made fries and such, go to Mr. Pickles Deli in Culver City. Washington Blvd just East of Lincoln. They are also Kosher.

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      I've driven by Mr. Pickles every day on my way to work, and long suspected it might have some chow finds.

      What items in particular do you recommend?


      1. re: Oopsie Daisy

        Spicy Eggplant Salad (red)
        Whitefish Salad
        H&H Bagels

    2. I believe that Haifa changed management about three years ago. I used to go all the time for their baba ganoush and now go rarely. The food does not seem to be as flavorful as it used to and certainly the service is not as friendly or personal.

      1. Just went to Haifa. 8.50 for a bad schwarma sandwich. won't go back.