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Mar 20, 2008 10:07 AM

sushi ike - i just don't get it

went there last night for the first time, excited because i've heard such great things. the place was packed, the service fine, but the sushi??? it was beyond mediocre. the shrimp we were served was inedible. the tuna, mackerel, and salmon were a b to a b minus at best. honestly, i could not have been more unimpressed.

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  1. you're not alone. ike is average and overpriced. wish you had read my post from last month:

    1. did it used to be good? i haven't been there in so many years but i recall it being very good, but i was also a fairly new sushi eater back then. friends of mine ate at IKE over the summer and said it was medicore. that was sad to hear.

      1. Every time I have gone (and this has been over a period of many years since I moved into the neighborhood in 1996) I have had a fantastic experience. I though the fish was the highest quality and all the food was excellent.