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Apr 28, 2002 04:45 PM

Picnic boxes

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Which restaurants offer box meals? I want to see what my options are when I go to the Ford or Redlands Bowl over the summer. I'm sure I'd also be able to put together something by getting food from Bristol Farms and the deli at the supermarket... Can anyone recommend any places they've bought picnic boxes (the meal) from?? I've seen a couple other prior posts regarding a similar question, but I was never able to find where Victor's was.

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  1. I go to the Hollywood Bowl regularly during the summer, and when I can't make my own meal to bring, I go to one of the Patina Restaurants for picnic boxes. I have tried various places, and though I am not always fond of the food at Patina Group when I dine in, the restaurants (particularly Nick and Stef's and Patina itself) have excellent picnic meals, some quite reasonable. You get three courses, elegantly boxed; I love to eat and I always get enough to satisfy my appetite. They provide a brochure that lists every restaurant and the menus at each (there are three different menus per restaurant, scaled by price - and each restaurant is unique) I highly recommend.

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      Actually, Patina has decided to discontinue the boxed dinners from all of their restaurants this year, with the exception of their flagship: Patina.

      You might find, however, that there is expanded boxed service at the Bowl itself since it is now run exclusively by The Patina Group. They are developing their menus now so who knows if it'll be any good (heard lots of complaints last year).

      BTW, next Saturday, May 4, is "Taste of the Bowl," a day-long food celebration at the Bowl. Don't know anything more about that though...

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        I had no idea - and am rather bummed. We enjoyed the boxes quite a bit. Thanks for the info, though.

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          wow i'm a dog

          Link to the press release below...

          I'd be interested to know if anyone went last year. How was it?


      2. I was never able to find where Victor's was.>>
        Confused by your post if you are asking about the Redlands area or Hollywood area and the John Anson Ford theatre. If the latter, then I guess the Victor's you are inquiring about is Victor's Square at Franklin & Bronson across from the Mayfair Market.

        1. It's not a restaurant as requested, but I have had good luck with the boxes available at Gelson's market.

          1. Campanile and La Brea Bakery both do picnic boxes. As you might imagine, the La Brea bakery boxes are more casual and less expensive. We got them last summer for the Bowl and they were quite delicious. They have several different menus.

            1. I've had great success with boxes from Joan's on Third in West Hollywood. Call them and they will fax you their menu.