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Mar 20, 2008 10:00 AM

Outstanding in the field 2008

They just started taking reservations for the 2008 line up this morning. One is already sold out.

We did Route One Farms last year and it was amazing. For those of you who don't know what this is, check their website. They host outdoor dinners that focus on local, sustainable and organic food. They set up a long table at a farm (usually) and you eat the food that is grown right there. They bring in other ingredients from the area and you get to meet and talk to the people who make it possible. A local chef prepares the dinner and a local winery provides the drinks. It's truly one of a kind experience.

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  1. $180-200 is pretty expensive. What makes it worth the price?

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    1. re: mc2

      Beyond the experience, remember that this price includes wine and gratuities.

      1. re: mc2

        The entire experience is worth it to me. The dinner and wine were superb when we last went. It's definitely not for everyone. Looking at the total experience as a combination of excellent food, education, entertainment (if your idea of entertainment is touring a farm, meeting local purveyors, learning more about local and sustainable food), and nice people, it's a great event. As a once a year indulgence, I'd rather do this than a fancy dinner and a show.

        I'd guess that a 4-5 course meal with wine and prepared by a top notch chef like Traci Des Jardin would run you over a $100 anyway. Anything over that is well earned by the people who put on this great event.

        1. re: Shane Greenwood

          Okay, I signed up, even though I can't afford it. Then I watched the linked video and saw that you bring your own plates. (!?) And it was started by the guy who makes those huge drawings in the sand. (I thought it was dinner, but apparently it's art.) Anything else I should know about the event?

          1. re: Glencora

            The plate thing is a really fun tradition. I forgot about that part. When we went it was a great conversation starter because people bring all kinds of fun designs. It is dinner by the way, not art per se. Just don't expect a traditional restaurant experience. You sit at a communal table and all the food is served family style. So you are going to be meeting lots of new people. I think the host has an esoteric view of people with shared interests coming together to eat in a field as some kind of performance art piece. But that's a debate better suited to another board.

            1. re: Shane Greenwood

              I'm looking forward to it -- including the fact that I don't know quite what to expect. I'll report back, and I hope other chowhounds will too.

      2. Looks like everything in NorCal sold out already, expect for late Nov in Santa Cruz (looks mushroom related). Oh well, thanks for the info...perhaps next year.