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Mar 20, 2008 09:31 AM

Sushi Kaji Next Week

It's my wife's B-day next week and we've decided to take a second mortgage and go to Sushi Kaji. Japango is our usual go-to place for Japanese, but I thought that Kaji would be a special experience. Any recommendations? I know it's omakase-style but I think they have different options. Also, she's become a much more adventurous eater, but she still has an issue with mussels, clams, and oysters. I hope they can accommodate that.

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  1. Sit at the sushi bar and just let him wow you. They're very good with restrictions, just let them know and they'll revise the omakase accordingly. Have a fantastic time.

    1. went last week ,.,, the first course is oysters w yuzu .... the rest is fairly safe ... one of the sushi courses is uni (sea urchin) ... and the rest is pretty safe japanese fare (but super tasty as always) ... not saying this is waht you'll get but his menus usually are fairly similar over the course of a month

      1. I've only been there once and loved it! We got the 10 course omakase, 'cause if you're going to do it, might as well go all the way! But truthfully, the portion sizes were substantial enough that it was too much food for me. Not for my husband, though! He even managed to find room for what I could not.

        I don't remember anything being too outrageous - just delicious!. I don't think we were given any of those mollusks. I do, however, remember an absolutely incredible soft shell crab...

        1. Agree sit at the sushi bar. Kaji can acommodate your dietary needs, but it never hurts to give them advanced notice. This way the chef may have time to plan and prepare a dish, worst case they just substitute with whatever they have.

          There are usually 3 omakase options $80, $100, $120 - the number of courses are commensurate with the price. Unless both of you are big eaters I would not suggest both ordering the $120 menu. Kaji's omakase's are very filling. I usually order the $120, not because I can finish it but I don't want to miss anything! The SO will choose between the $80-$100 depending on which one appeals to both of us, of course she has the final say :-) We usually share my extra courses and any dishes that differ between the two of us. We love it!