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Mar 20, 2008 09:29 AM

Best Hot Dogs Available By Mail Order

Current favorites are from Nueske's. Prefer a coney style natural casing dog, but will go for anything thats quality....
In a pinch will buy Boars Head all beef coney's.....tried Dietz and Watson....never again (maybe a bad pack?).
Usually prefer a boiled dog, sometimes with kraut, always with diced onion and a good spicy brown mustard.....Boars Head or even Guildens will do.
Will defer to the rest of the clan and grill dogs upon occassion.
Like to start Nueskes in a small rondeau with some butter to get a little color/crisp....and finish by adding some water and covering to simmer....
Thanks for any recommendations

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  1. Usingers. Excellent natural casing angus franks. Very good pork and beef wieners as well. Thumanns makes the best German style pork and beef frank, but I'm not sure if they do mail order. Best Provisions out of Newark, N.J. makes my favorite all beef dog. Unfortunately they will not ship.

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      The internet and mail order have made life easier, but for this Midwestern farm boy, one joy is the annual Dec 26th to Usingers for purchase of a year's supply of brat's and summer sausage for transport back east. But for hot dogs I'm still a bigger fan of for my dogs. It's probably a "what you were raised on" thing, but I prefer their beef franks.

    2. Zwiegles Pop-Open hots (red or white) from Rochester, New York are the best we've tasted. We order them on line and freeze them. Syracuse, New York also has good white hots, but not (in our opinion) as good as Zwiegles. We serve white hots at our annual fly-in in Bell, FL and have made many doubters into converts.

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        Are white hots cased? I thought they had no casing. Either way, they're a great regional delicacy, though not something I'd recommend if you're looking for a regular, snappy hot dog. For that I would have to second the recommendation for Vienna Beef. IMO Sabrett's and Nathan's are overrated. There's a reason Shake Shack turns to Vienna Beef and not one of its hometown franks.

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          White Hots can be either skinless or have a natural casing. Zweigle's from Rochester, N.Y. are very good. The reason that Shake Shack uses Vienna Beef rather than Sabrett (which originated in New Jersey, not New York) or Nathan's, is that they are trying to reproduce a Chicago style hot dog. Vienna is from Chicago and is used by over 80% of hot dog vendors there. The Shake Shack does not make a good Chicago style hot dog in my opinion. The dogs are not served hot enough, and lettuce and cucumbers are not typically found on an authentic Chicago dog. Byron's and a few others are exceptions.

          The best Chicago dog in the tri state area was J's Beef in Linden, N.J. They are closed temporarily and are looking for a new location.

          Vienna franks are ok, but much milder than a Sabrett or Nathan's. And in my opinion, not as good. Although a lot depends on what you grew up eating, The fact is that a Nathan's, Sabrett, Boars Head, or Best's from New Jersey (my favorite) is fine without the relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sports peppers, and celery salt. It doesn't need all the extras, and would be all wrong for a Chicago dog. It would overpower all of the other ingredients. The blander flavor of a Vienna allows it to blend in better with everything else.

      2. Nothing wrong with Nathan's natural casing - mild, but good with kraut & mustard:

        Here's a source for Sabrett:

        Schaller & Weber make great wursts and a wonderful frankfurter:

        Ditto Karl Ehmer:

        Of course, you could get Katz's franks and get some pastrami and cheesecake at the same time:

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          OMG, Love me some Nathan's. They are it! ! ! ! !

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            Thank you so much for the Karl Ehmer link! I used to live literally down the street from one of their stores in Queens and really miss their wonderful meats. It never occured to me to look online for my "fix".

          2. New Braunfels Smokehouse for me. We usually start the summer with about half a dozen packages in the downstairs freezer.

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